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2010 / August
SDR-2010from Spectrum Signal Processing
An Intel 64 server containing PRO-2910 PCI Express-based XMC/PMC carrier cards ...
  • Two XMC sites per carrier that support Spectrum Solano-based modules and third-party PMC modules
  • Modular architecture supports multiple combinations of Processing and I/O mezzanine cards

DM-1321from Spectrum Signal Processing
A cost-effective, high-quality, real-time MPEG-2/MPEG-4 H.264 video encoder for up to two standard-definition (S...
  • ReAl-time encoding of up to two SD/HD AnAlog chAnnels to MPEG-2 or H.264 (user-selectAble for eAch chAnnel)

DM-1322from Spectrum Signal Processing
A cost-effective, high-quality, real-time MPEG-2/MPEG-4 H.264 video encoder with ten HD or SD analog video input...
  • ReAl-time encoding of up to ten SD/HD AnAlog chAnnels to MPEG-2 or H.264 (user-selectAble for eAch chAnnel)
  • Two Gigabit Ethernet outputs

PRO-2910from Spectrum Signal Processing
A PCIe-based carrier card with dual XMC sites ...
  • CAn be used within A PC-bAsed system to interfAce to Spectrum FPGA, DSP, And I/O processing engines
  • Flexible data routing architecture, allowing numerous combinations of FPGA, DSP and GPP Signal Processing devices
  • Modular architecture supports multiple combinations of Processing and I/O mezzanine cards
  • Two XMC sites that support Spectrum Solano-based XMC modules and third-party PMC modules

2010 / July
Wi-Fi Pro Dual Band antennafrom Spectrum Signal Processing
Operates on ISM 2.4 and 5.8 GHz bands and is specifically designed for military Wi-Fi LANs, mission-critical mac...

    2008 / July
    PRO-4600from Spectrum Signal Processing
    A 3U CompactPCI processing engine that uses a combination of FPGA, DSP, and GPP to support black-side signal pro...
    • 3U CompActPCI form fActor
    • Xilinx Virtex-4 technology for wideband Processing and low power operation
    • TMS320C6416T DSP for baseband Processing and compatibility with legacy waveforms
    • MPC8541E general purpose processor for baseband Processing and control
    • Spectrum's quicComm API hardware abstraction layer

    SDR-4803from Spectrum Signal Processing
    Low power embedded radio module based on reconfigurable SoC technology that enables cost-effective satellite com...
    • The single board radio module is designed to operate at less than 15 W combined for RF, IF, and baseband Signal Processing

    2007 / December
    SDR-4800from Spectrum Signal Processing
    Family of radio modules based on reconfigurable System-on-Chip (SoC) and Embedded RF technologies that can be cu...

      SDR-4000 SWMfrom Spectrum Signal Processing
      Deployable black-side "IF-to-Ethernet" wireless modem for wideband satellite communications waveforms ...
      • I/O has dual input 12-bit A/D converters and a single output 14-bit d/a converter, each running at up to 213.33 MSPS
      • Provides high-speed, low latency deterministic data paths between the various Processing elements
      • The SDR-4000 SWM forms a key element of a network-centric IP-based satellite communications system, providing modem, link and network layer Processing

      2007 / August
      Public Safety Cross Band Communications Platformfrom Spectrum Signal Processing
      An "RF to Ethernet" platform that integrates a cross band RF transceiver with a high performance SDR-based signa...
      • Spectrum's software defined radio (SDR) platform offers allows a single hardware configuration to support multiple waveform applications. The standard RF front end available with the platform enables crossband operation on frequencies from 350 to 800 MHz (UHF band) and from 4.940 to 4.990 GHz (public frequency band)
      • Support for cognitive radio functionality allows the radio to sense its RF environment and location, and alter its power, frequency, modulation and other operating parameters to dynamically use the available radio Spectrum
      • Spectrum has experience in shock and vibe, and can customize the system for semi-rugged requirements such as operation on the back of a vehicle
      • Spectrum's platform uses standard interfaces that can connect to security subsystems
      • As a future option, Spectrum can utilize different RF front-ends to enable operation on satellite, cellular, or military communication networks
      • Spectrum's solution can support Multiple Input/Multiple Output (MIMO) technology for improved performance in urban environments

      2006 / December
      XMC-3321from Spectrum Signal Processing
      Dual transceiver module that supports IF including 10.7, 21.4, and 70 MHz through the use of dual 14-bit ADCs sa...
      • Digital to IF conversion via two 14-bit d/a converters sampling at 192.0 MSPS (alternate sampling rates up to 300 MSPS optional)
      • Two 12 bit d/a converters up to 100 KSPS suitable for driving AGC input of an RF front-end
      • XMC interfAce (ANSI VITA 42.0) provides high-speed, low lAtency, deterministic dAtA flow to An industry stAndArd cArrier
      • User programmable Xilinx Virtex-4 FPGA for wideband Processing and low power consumption

      2006 / November
      Multi-Channel Transceiver FPGA Corefrom Spectrum Signal Processing
      A mechanism to quickly implement a fully functional multichannel radio on Spectrum's flexComm SDR platforms ...
      • The core hAs been developed to enAble communicAtion chAnnel dimensions in time, frequency And code for both continuous And burst signAls
      • Targeted to any of Spectrum's XMC IF transciever modules supporting Xilinx Virtex-4 technology, such as the XMC-3311 or XMC-3321, and can be mounted to any Spectrum carrier board capable of supporting an XMC module
      • Library of routines for manipulating and formatting packets based on the Spectrum Packet Specification (SPS)

      SDR-4000 WMfrom Spectrum Signal Processing
      Wireless Modem (WM) ...
      • Supports black-side (IF-to-Ethernet) digitization and Processing of complex waveforms
      • IF to Ethernet Processing for industry standard IF frequencies including 10.7, 21.4, and 70 MHz
      • Digital to IF conversion via two 14-bit d/a converters sampling at 192.0 MSPS

      2006 / October
      flexComm SDR-4000 WMLfrom Spectrum Signal Processing
      Wireless Modem Lite (WML) ...
      • A lower power rugged package that supports the critical modem, link, and network layer Processing functions necessary in a software defined radio
      • The Lite version reduces the power required per slot by supporting A selective feAture set from Spectrum's SDR-4000 products
      • Architected to support waveforms requiring low latency deterministic operation to maintain synchronization on a frequency-hopped tactical MILCOM network, accomplished through the use of independent data and control fabrics throughout the SDR-4000 WML architecture, with high-speed data transferred from the XMC-3321 to the PRO-4600 Lite using Spectrum's low power Solano communications technology

      flexComm SDR-4000 TMRDPfrom Spectrum Signal Processing
      Off-the-shelf platform to develop and deploy their complex tactical MILCOM applications ...
      • Integrates Spectrum's high performance SDR-4000 wireless modem, a DRT4001 RF front-end by Digital Receiver Technology, Inc. (DRT), a GPS receiver and all the software necessary for tactical MILCOM deployments
      • Spectrum quicComm hardware abstraction layer
      • A CORBA Object Request Broker (ORB)
      • An SCA Core FrAmework
      • The system softwAre exAmple provides receive coverAge from the RF input, through the signAl processing chAin And trAnsmit coverAge from signAl processing to RF output

      2006 / January
      TIM-SDR from Spectrum Signal Processing
      Single-channel digital radio receiver module with software demodulation libraries ...
      • This surveillance solution combines an A/D converter, digital down converter, TMS320C44 DSP processor, and a d/a converter on a single-wide TIM-40 module
      • Designed to work with Spectrum's LeMans VXI product

      LeMans - Octal TMS320C4x VXIbus Master Board from Spectrum Signal Processing
      The LeMans 840 MFLOP octal TMS320C4x VXIbus master board can host up to six single-wide or four double-wide 'C40...

        2005 / October
        SDR-3000 SMRDPfrom Spectrum Signal Processing
        An "RF to Ethernet" wideband military communications (MILCOM) rapid-prototyping and development platform ...
        • A “skinny” version of Spectrum's SDR-3000 MRDP providing a single-slot modem hardware solution
        • IntegrAtes the lAtest Xilinx Virtex-4 Field ProgrAmmAble GAte ArrAy (FPGA) technology with Spectrum's proven MPC7410 PowerPC And TMS320C64x( digitAl signAl processing technology
        • Integrates Spectrum's SDR-3000 SCA-enabled platform with a DRT 2110 radio frequency (RF) front-end transceiver from Digital Receiver Technology, Inc. (DRT) technology
        • Based on Spectrum's SDR-3000 platform incorporating Xilinx®Virtex-4TM FPGA
        • Freescale MPC7410 PowerPCTM and TI TMS320C6416 DSP Processing devices, all interconnected through high performance communications fabrics
        • GPS absolute time reference (IRIG-B and 10 MHz) with location

        2005 / June
        TMI-3902 Reference Design and Digital I/Ofrom Spectrum Signal Processing
        Supports custom designs for both front panel or rear transition module I/O ...

          PRO-1900 ePMC Carrier Board and IO Expansionfrom Spectrum Signal Processing
          High-speed communications fabric based on the Solano Communications IC supports sustained data transfers of over...

            PEM-8MSDDC Re-Configurable Multi standardfrom Spectrum Signal Processing
            Single-width PEM module compatible with Spectrum's Monaco, Barcelona, and Daytona platforms and Spectrum's PMC-2...
            • Custom post-Processing of the down converter output in FPGAs

            PMC-2MAI Dual A/D Converter PMC Modulefrom Spectrum Signal Processing
            Two 12-bit 65 MSPS A/D converters ...
            • Digital Signal level monitor

            PEM-8MSDDC Re-Configurable Multi-Standardfrom Spectrum Signal Processing
            Single-width PEM module compatible with Spectrum's Monaco, Barcelona, and Daytona platforms and Spectrum's PMC-2...
            • Custom post-Processing of the down converter output in FPGAs

            SDR-3000 Software Defined Radio platformfrom Spectrum Signal Processing
            CompactPCI-based architecture ...

              SDR-2000 Electronic Intelligence (ELINT)from Spectrum Signal Processing
              Provides two receive and one transmit channel at industry standard 213.33 MSPS supporting 160 MHz IF with bandwi...
              • Wideband operation enables simultaneous Processing of multiple emitters within the same IF bandwidth
              • Based on Dual Intel Xeon server architecture exploiting proven Spectrum flexComm tools and technology

              SDR-2000 SRDP Rapid-Prototyping Platformfrom Spectrum Signal Processing
              Supports two receive and one transmit channel at industry standard 70 MHz and 140 MHz IF with bandwidths in exce...
              • Wideband operation enables simultaneous Processing of multiple carriers within the same transponder bandwidth
              • Incorporating a single Xilinx Virtex-4 FPGA and multiple TI TMS320C6416 DSP Processing devices all interconnected through high performance communications fabrics
              • Supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES and Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition, operating systems

              XMC-3311 High Speed Transceiver Modulefrom Spectrum Signal Processing
              Two 12-bit A-to-D converters up to 213.33 MSPS ...
              • 14-bit D-to-A converter up to 213.33 MSPS
              • XMC anD Parallel RapiDIO compatible moDule
              • Can function as an enhanced PMC (ePMC) module using Solano Technology high-speed, low latency, deterministic data paths to Processing engines
              • A single user programmable Xilinx Virtex-FPGA device for wideband Processing
              • TotAl AvAilAble bAndwidth greAter thAn 100 MHz

              TMI-3350 4-Channel Wideband Analog I/Ofrom Spectrum Signal Processing
              Hot swappable ...
              • Synchronization connector allows up to three TM1-3350 and DDCs/DUCs running on PRO-3100 boards to receive a common synchronization Signal
              • Supported by Spectrum's quicComm software library

              2003 / December
              ePMC-PPCfrom Spectrum Signal Processing
              A single or dual G4 MPC7410 PowerPC processing module with AltiVec support for floating-point applications ...
              • Choice of up to two G4 PowerPC MPC7410 processors up to 500 MHz, with 128-bit AltiVec support for floAting-point ApplicAtions

              ePMC-8310from Spectrum Signal Processing
              A Texas Instruments TMS320C6416/C6415 DSP-based multiprocessing engine for communications applications ...
              • Choice of one or two 600 MHz TMS320C6416 or TMS320C6415 fixed-point DSP processors with A peAk performAnce of 4800 MIPS per processor
              • Single-width enhanced PMC (ePMC) form factor compatible with Spectrum's ePMC carriers and third-party PMC carriers

              2003 / June
              ePMC-8120from Spectrum Signal Processing
              A Xilinx Virtex-II FPGA processing engine ...
              • Single-width enhAnced Processor MezzAnine CArd (ePMC)
              • 512 Mbytes of DDR SDRAM
              • Uses Spectrum's Solano communications IC to provide up to eight 213-Mbytes/sec, full-duplex, low-latency communications paths from the FPGA to other Signal Processing engines

              2003 / May
              quicComm Libraryfrom Spectrum Signal Processing
              A software library that enables board and system features not available through standard operating system calls ...
              • Supports high-performAnce interprocessor communicAtions
              • Provides a standard application interface to many of Spectrum's flexComm family of products
              • Supports dynamic reload of executables on a per-processor or FPGA basis
              • Compatible with Texas Instruments' DSP/BIOS (C6x systems) and Wind River's VxWorks (PPC systems)

              2003 / April
              SDR-3000 Seriesfrom Spectrum Signal Processing
              A series of software defined radio transceiver subsystems ...
              • CompActPCI-bAsed hot swAp Architecture
              • Supports Spectrum's quicComm API for high-performance interprocessor communications and board setup/control

              2002 / December
              PRO-3500from Spectrum Signal Processing
              A 6U, CompactPCI processing engine ...
              • IBM 405GP PowerPC-bAsed, embedded controller with 16 Mbytes FlAsh And 64 Mbytes SDRAM

              PRO-3100from Spectrum Signal Processing
              A 6U, CompactPCI Virtex-II FPGA processing engine ...
              • Designed to interfAce to the TMI-3300 And PRO-3500 (PowerPC G4) boArds
              • Supported by VxWorks, TAO CORBA, and Spectrum's quicComm software library

              TM1-3300from Spectrum Signal Processing
              A 6U, CompactPCI, quad A/D, D/A transition module ...
              • Four 14-bit ADC chAnnels At 80 MHz
              • Supported by Spectrum's quicComm software library

              2002 / May
              PRO-1900from Spectrum Signal Processing
              An intelligent PMC carrier board and I/O expansion daughter board for VMEbus ...
              • Up to four enhanced PMC (ePMC) sites and a single PMC site

              Monaco/Monaco67from Spectrum Signal Processing
              A 6U VMEbus board with a VME64 master/slave interface ...
              • Two processors AvAilAble: single, duAl, or quAd 1600 MIPS, 200 MHz TMS320C6201B DSPs; or single, duAl, or quAd 1 GFLOPS, 167 MHz MS320C6701 DSPs
              • DSP LINK3 provides up to 30 Mbytes/sec for interfacing to Spectrum I/O and other open I/O solutions
              • Various general purpose and application-specific Signal Processing libraries

              2002 / February
              QuicWave from Spectrum Signal Processing
              Waveform development software for use with Spectrum's HCDR product line ...
              • Provides FPGA cores and Signal Processing libraries for creating optimized waveforms and modems for software-defined radio applications

              2002 / January
              Barcelona-HSfrom Spectrum Signal Processing
              A 6U, hot-swap CompactPCI board combining DSP multiprocessor hardware and software tools for designing high avai...
              • Fixed-point or floAting-point DSP signAl processing engine

              2001 / November
              HCDR-1002from Spectrum Signal Processing
              A PowerPC-based high-channel-density receiver with FPGA-based channelization ...
              • Processes up to 26 MHz At 65 MsAmples/sec

              ePMC-2ADCfrom Spectrum Signal Processing
              A dual-input, 14-bit analog-to-digital converter in a single-width Enhanced PMC form factor ...
              • 2 ADC 14-bit/65MHz
              • Onboard Solano link connectors provide a high-speed, low-latency data path for routing IF data to host carrier for further Processing

              ePMC-FPGAfrom Spectrum Signal Processing
              A multi-purpose I/O processing engine module ...
              • Single width SolAno-bAsed EnhAnced PMC (ePMC)

              ePMC-32MSDDCfrom Spectrum Signal Processing
              Eight Graychip GC4016 digital down converters support 32 narrowband or 8 wideband channels ...
              • Supports both wideband and narrowband Signals
              • DDCs can be synchronized to provide coherent baseband Signals
              • Two user-programmable Xilinx FPGAs for post-Processing outputs from down converters

              HCDR-1020from Spectrum Signal Processing
              A high-channel-density receiver system ...
              • High-speed communicAtions fAbric bAsed on the SolAno CommunicAtions IC

              Mosport-VMEfrom Spectrum Signal Processing
              An octal VMEbus processing engine ...

                2001 / May
                aXs.1110from Spectrum Signal Processing
                High-density packet-voice processing blades ...
                • Full OC-3 of compressed voice and packet Processing in a single CompactPCI blade
                • Call-control for softswitch architectures, including MGCP and MEGACO Signaling support

                aXs.600from Spectrum Signal Processing
                High-density packet-voice processing modules ...
                • Up to half OC-3 of compressed voice and packet Processing in a single-width PMC mezzanine format

                flexComm SDR from Spectrum Signal Processing
                A software-defined radio architecture for wireless markets ...
                • Allows network operAtors to support chAnging Air interfAce stAndArds
                • Each blade in the subsystem operates independently and is configured with no single point of failure in the system

                2001 / April
                aXs.110from Spectrum Signal Processing
                A VoIP and VoATM evaluation and reference platform using Broadcom's CALISTO processor technology ...
                • Self-contAined unit thAt Allows users to directly evAluAte Spectrum's AXs Architecture

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