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2015 / July
450/40 and 300/40 Series ATCA Systemsfrom Schroff Pentair
450/40 and 300/40 ATCA chassis are designed to support the next generation of ATCA board requirements, minimizin...
  • 40 GBps (100GBASE-KR) transmission rate
  • Various cooling configurations available

Express Programsfrom Schroff Pentair
  • Conform to PICMG specifications
  • Part and quantity restrictions may apply

Interscale Mfrom Schroff Pentair
Flexible enclosure platform for small form factor PCBs ...
  • 21 different case sizes with solid side panels and 19 case sizes with perforated side panels for forced air cooling
  • Additional modifications include case color, cut-outs and printing on front and rear panels

2014 / December
MicroTCA.4 12 Slot Chassisfrom Schroff Pentair
The new Schroff 9U MicroTCA.4â„¢ chassis provides 12 double mid size AMC slots and 12 double mid...

    AdvancedMC Mini-Systemfrom Schroff Pentair
    This small form factor Mini System provides a platform to run 2 AMC modules without an MCH. Direct connection of...
    • 90 - 264 VAC wide range input on rear of case, 150 W power supply in rear section of enclosure
    • The system can be stacked and is prepared for a mounting plate

    MicroTCA.4 Cube System with MicroRTMfrom Schroff Pentair
    The MicroTCA.4 cube system is for desktop or bench top use in demanding Test & Measurement applications. The MTC...
    • Backplane with star topology, direct connections for Sâ€?ATA/SAS, clock and trigger lines as per PICMG MTCA.4

    2014 / November
    VME 64X Tower Case System Chassisfrom Schroff Pentair
    This VME64x system chassis offered by Pentair’s Schroff brand supports mobile and desktop app...

      VME&VME64x Chassis Products From Pentairfrom Schroff Pentair
      Pentair’s Schroff brand offers a full range of off the shelf standard chassis products in VME and VME64x a...

        2013 / October
        VARISTARfrom Schroff Pentair
        Cost reductions are demanded in all areas. Consequently in many sectors, even in defence technology, there is in...

          2012 / December
          CompactPCI Serialfrom Schroff Pentair
          CompactPCI Serial updates the well-established CompactPCI technology standard to meet current and future needs b...
          • Active cooling

          450/40 ATCA Familyfrom Schroff Pentair
          Schroff® 450/40, AdvancedTCA family of systems, are designed to support today’s mo...
          • 19" chassis come in 2, 6, and 14-slot varieties
          • Minimizes time-to-market for critical, high-availability applications

          2012 / February
          cPCI, ATCA & mTCA Componentsfrom Schroff Pentair
          In as few as five working days, receive 5 to 50 front panels modified wtih custom cut-outs, handles and silk scr...
          • Blank front panels or front panels with air baffles to maximize cooling.
          • Check out express service at www.Schroff.us/fpx

          Schroff Express Programsfrom Schroff Pentair
          Schroff Express Programs offer fast component and system delivery! ...
          • Fast front panel prototypes to production – shipped in as few as five days
          • System service on AdvancedTCA, MicroTCA, CompactPCI and VME

          10 Series ATCA from Schroff Pentair
          Schroff 10 Series ATCA system, delivers up to 25 Gbps transmission rates and provides thermal cooling for up to ...
          • 2, 5, and 14 slot backplanes
          • Thermal cooling for up to 300W per blade
          • Designed to meet NEBS

          40 Series ATCA Systemsfrom Schroff Pentair
          The 40 Series ATCA System from Schroff provides up to 40 Gbps transmission rate, in addition to hot-swappable ca...
          • Future proofed cooling for up to 400W per blade

          2010 / November
          Conduction Cooled Enclosuresfrom Schroff Pentair
          Schroff brand rugged Conduction Cooled Enclosures are designed for electronics packaging which must perform unde...

            2010 / August
            Series 223 & 224 Torque Limiting Cardfrom Schroff Pentair
            Pentair Technical Products' Calmark brand Series 223 and 224 Card-Lok retainers are now available for cold plate...
            • Available in a 5.72 mm x 6.60 mm (.225 in. x .260 in., Series 223) profile and a 5.33 mm x 6.99 mm (.210 in. x .275 in., Series 224) profile, these series of card-loks feature a patent-pending torque limiting design to eliminate the need for a torque wrench
            • They deliver maximum thermal transfer as well as maximum resistance to shock and vibration
            • High Reliability – Screw actuated wedge action locks board module assemblies into place

            2009 / October
            Varistarfrom Schroff Pentair
            An electronics cabinet platform ...
            • Vibration resistant: tested to IEC 61587-2: 1 g
            • Static load-carrying capacity up to 1800 lbs, tested to IEC 61587-1
            • Certified: tested to MIL-STD-901D

            2009 / January
            MicroTCA Systemsfrom Schroff Pentair
            Proven MicroTCA hardware, card guides, EMC gasket, subrack assembly ...
            • Backplane design and manufacturing for lower layer count and high performance
            • Engineered thermal solutions using FloTherm simulations and empirical testing

            AdvancedTCA Front Panel with IEA-R Handlefrom Schroff Pentair
            Die-cast base assembly for sheet metal panels ...
            • Spring-loaded, IEA-R handle is compatible with the die-cast base and features a robust die-cast metal latch to stand up to “ruggedized” applications

            2008 / October
            VXS/VME64x Towerfrom Schroff Pentair
            Schroff's VPX/VME64x Hybrid Development systems consisting of a 6U backplane ...
            • The System is based on the Schroff europacPro subrack in a ratiopacPro chassis with EMC shielding
            • AC mains/line module with IEC320-C14 connector, line filter, and fuses

            MicroTCA Enclosurefrom Schroff Pentair
            Using the features of AdvancedMC, MicroTCA provides high performance and high availability in one system ...
            • Active cooling via 2x rear pluggable Cooling Units (CU) for front-to-rear cooling, each CU has a Schroff Enhanced Module Management Controller (EMMC)

            2008 / September
            MicroTCA CUBEfrom Schroff Pentair
            The MicroTCA cube has four single full-size AdvancedMC modules and an MCH (MicroTCA carrier hub) slot ...
            • Enclosure for 4x single, full-size AdvancedMCs and 1x MCH module single, full-size
            • Utilizes the aesthetically pleasing Schroff ratiopacPRO housing

            2008 / February
            IEA-R Handlefrom Schroff Pentair
            Robust die-cast latch ...
            • Push-button activation of micro-switch

            AdvancedTCA Systemsfrom Schroff Pentair
            Broadest range of 2- to 16-slot AdvancedTCA systems ...
            • Proven high-performance thermal solutions for 200 W per slot and beyond
            • Schroff Shelf Management Architecture based on Pigeon Point ShMM-500 technology
            • Full range of accessory products including air baffles, front panels, test boards, cabinets

            2007 / October
            COTS RGD-4 Chassisfrom Schroff Pentair
            Chassis designed for rugged applications with weight restrictions and less stringent shock and vibration require...
            • Physical size: 19" x 9U x 22" deep 10,000'

            2007 / September
            11850-003from Schroff Pentair
            3U MicroTCA shelf designed for maximum configuration flexibility ...
            • Active cooling via 2x front pluggable Cooling Units (CU) with EMMC on board with air flow from right to left

            2007 / May
            AdvancedTCA Enterprise Solutionsfrom Schroff Pentair
            Family of AdvancedTCA system solutions for Enterprise applications ...

              2007 / February
              MicroTCA 6Ufrom Schroff Pentair
              The MicroTCA 6U x 19" rack-mount system with redundant cooling units and 9+2+2 AdvancedMC slots ...
              • Two MicroTCA Carrier Hubs (MCH) slots (6HP)

              MicroTCA Industrial PCfrom Schroff Pentair
              The MicroTCA Industrial PC allows for the installation of four single, full-size AdvancedMC modules ...
              • AC power input located at the rear

              2006 / September
              6U MicroTCA Development Systemfrom Schroff Pentair
              MicroTCA system, 6U, 316 mm deep ratiopac PRO case with front handles (19-inch rack mounting brackets are option...
              • Front removable air filter

              8U MicroTCA development systemfrom Schroff Pentair
              MicroTCA system, 8U, 316 mm deep ratiopac PRO case with front handles (19-inch rack mounting brackets are option...
              • Front removable air filter

              2006 / June
              AMC Module/Carriersfrom Schroff Pentair
              Complete range of AdvancedMC Module Face Plates and Carriers customized to customer's requirements ...

              2006 / April
              23001-007from Schroff Pentair
              RoHS-compliant, seven-slot VME backplane ...

                23001-010from Schroff Pentair
                RoHS-compliant, 10-slot VME backplane ...

                  23001-012from Schroff Pentair
                  RoHS 12-slot VME J1 backplane ...

                    23001-020from Schroff Pentair
                    RoHS 20-slot J1 VME backplane ...

                      23001-033 from Schroff Pentair
                      RoHS three-slot J2 VME backplane ...

                        23001-035from Schroff Pentair
                        RoHS five-slot J2 VME backplane ...

                          23001-046 from Schroff Pentair
                          RoHS 16-slot J2 VME backplane ...

                            23001-069 from Schroff Pentair
                            RoHS nine-slot J1/J2 monolithic VME backplane ...

                              23001-076 from Schroff Pentair
                              ROHS 16-slot J1/J2 monolithic VME backplane ...

                                23001-080 from Schroff Pentair
                                ROHS 20-slot J1/J2 monolithic VME backplane ...

                                  2005 / October
                                  Backplanesfrom Schroff Pentair
                                  A series of CompactPCI backplanes with bridging capability ...
                                  • By using 4- or 7-slot extension backplanes. a 19” chassis can accommodate as many as 21 slots
                                  • Backplanes and Schroff-bridge operate at up to 66 MHz

                                  2005 / April
                                  Deployment Ready AdvancedTCA Systemsfrom Schroff Pentair
                                  2 to 16-slot AdvancedTCA systems ideal for telecom and networking applications ...

                                  2004 / November
                                  Front Panel Expressfrom Schroff Pentair
                                  Includes two types of EMC gaskets for IEE1101.10 panels for CompactPCI and VME64ext ...

                                  2004 / October
                                  14-Slot AdvancedTCA System from Schroff Pentair
                                  Deployment ready chassis for AdvancedTCA systems ...
                                  • Low cost, field replaceable fan trays reduces labor and maintenance costs

                                  VME64 Systemsfrom Schroff Pentair
                                  A range of VME64 extension systems and products ...

                                    Technorack Seriesfrom Schroff Pentair
                                    A range of customizable seismic Zone 4 cabinets ...

                                      europacPROfrom Schroff Pentair
                                      19'' subrack ...
                                      • EMC shielding expandable

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