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2012 / November
ATCA2000 Storage Bladefrom SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
ATCA2000 provides 6-18TB of RAID storage and a choice of use models. As a storage appliance it ships with iSCSI/...
  • iSCSI, NFS, CFS/Samba
  • VMware Ready® Certified

2012 / July
RCP-Tactical Opsfrom SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
A rugged AdvancedTCA solution for C4ISR applications such as shipboard, ground, and airborne battle management a...
  • Storage blades are 6 TB per slot and RAID 01, 5, 6

2012 / May
Mobile Compute Platformfrom SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
Mobile Compute Platforms are designed for Tented field and Mounted deployments. Tented Field deployments are int...
  • Key Applications: C4ISR; Airborne resonance; Theater command centers; Mobile Tactical Operations Centers (TOCs); Ground and airborne battle management systems; Net-centric converged solutions for voice, video, and data; Shipboard communications and data center consolidation

2011 / October
SB-ATCA7300from SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
The SANBlaze SB-ATCA7300 Intel® Architecture server blade offers scalable, high-performance computing...
  • SANBlaze storage blade compliant

SB PMC-FC4from SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
The SANBlaze SB-PMC-FC4 provides two 4Gb/s Fibre Channel connections in a PMC adapter form factor. ...
  • Any speed PCI-x 33,66,100,133MHz, Any speed FC 4Gb/s, 2Gb/s,1Gb/s
  • High data bandwidth, Initiator and Target (126 ALPA)

2011 / September
ATCA2000 SSD Bladefrom SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
The ATCA2000 SSD Blade with networked flash revolutionizes the bandwidth and capacity achievable with a single A...

    2011 / June
    ATCA2000 RAID Bladefrom SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
    The SB-ATCA2000 utilizes 2.5” disks attached using front-access disk FRUs or RTM (Rear Transition Modules)...
    • Disk module carrier options: (8) Compact size SATA modules; (4) Full size SAS modules

    SB2-USB-DVDfrom SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
    One slot CompactPCI carrier ...
    • Handles DVD-R DL/DVD +R9 format disks just as comfortably (4x) as CDs in -R/-RW formats (24x)

    SB-RTM468 from SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
    The SB- RTM468 accommodates up to eight 1.8-inch SSD drives which can combine to provide over 2 terabyte (TB) of...
    • Accommodates up to 8 SSD with factory-configured choice of MLC, eMLC or SLC SSD

    SB-RTM468from SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
    The SB-RTM468 rear transition module (RTM) for ATCA accommodates up to 8 1.8 “ SSD drives which can combin...
    • Factory configuration options: Disk Capacity, MLC Technology, SLC technology

    SB-RTM468ô from SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
    Rear transition module (RTM) for ATCA ...
    • SLC technology
    • JBOD, RAID0, RAID1
    • RoHS 6/6 and REACH compliant
    • EN55022, EN50024
    • Designed for NEBs compliance

    SB2-USB-DVD from SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
    SB2-USB-DVD is a 6U single slot CompactPCI carrier that features a slot loaded DVD recorder-player that is acces...

      2010 / July
      SB-AMC59from SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
      Quad Gigabit Ethernet module with SSD ...
      • AMC.3 Solid State Disk (optional)
      • Choose capacities up to 400 GB, with the choice of either SLC or eMLC flash technologies
      • TCP/UDP/IP checksum offloading, TCP segmentation assist, and large 48 KByte per port on-chip packet buffers ensure your application will attain superior performance and low latency

      SB-AMC58from SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
      A full or mid-height AMC module that features two (2) 10 GbE ports ...
      • For server virtualization environments, the controller offers up to 64 virtual machines (VMs), 128 MAC addresses and L2 VLAN filters

      SB-RTM440from SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
      A Rear Transition Module (RTM) for AdvancedTCA systems ...

        2010 / May
        SB-ATCA1010from SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
        The SANBlaze SB-ATCA1010 is an AdvancedTCA carrier board featuring a 2.5G Hz PCI Express switch, which ties toge...
        • The SB-ATCA1010 provides the ideal PCIe expansion solution when paired with the SANBlaze SBARTM403P rear transition module

        SB-ATCA1020from SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
        The SANBlaze SB-ATCA1020 is an AdvancedTCA carrier board providing in-chassis JBOD expansion to accommodate up t...

          SB-RTM401from SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
          The SANBlaze SB-RTM401 is a rear transition module (RTM) that features a SAS expander which provides a storage I...

            SB-RTM402from SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
            The SANBlaze SB-RTM402 is a rear transition module (RTM) that features a SAS expander that provides a storage I/...

              SB-RTM403from SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
              The SANBlaze SB-RTM403 is a Rear Transition Module (RTM) for AdvancedTCA systems ...
              • Pair with the SANBlaze ATCA1010 PCI Express expansion carrier blade to add 4 AMC peripherals
              • Pair with the SANBlaze ATCA1020 SAS JBOD blade to add 4 AMC in-chassis disks
              • Pair with the SANBlaze ATCA1000 to add global spare disk for RAID functions
              • Pass-through console, LAN management

              SB-RTM431from SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
              The SANBlaze SB-RTM431 is rear transition module (RTM) that features a SAS expander and two removable disk FRU (...
              • The innovative disk sled fits wholly within the RTM thermal envelope, providing a deterministic environment for proper disk cooling

              2009 / February
              SB-AMC56from SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
              Advanced Mezzanine Card with Dual 10 Gb and Dual 1 Gb Ethernet, is the First AMC Module to Implement Sun Microsy...

                SANBlaze SB-AMC56from SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
                First Advanced Mezzanine Card module to implement Sun Microsystem's 10GbE multithreaded networking technology ...
                • Available in mid-size and full-size variants

                2007 / October
                ATCA-1000from SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
                AdvancedTCA RAID Storage Blade with four AdvancedMC slots, specifically tailored to provide multiprotocol IP sto...
                • Some key application areas of the ATCA-1000 include (1) in-chassis storage for AdvancedTCA applications deployed in the edge and service areas of the network, and (2) IP storage gateway for AdvancedTCA core deployments which have access to an external SAN infrastructure

                AMC-62Efrom SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
                AMC.3 compliant disk drive module utilizing newly available extreme-environment SATA drives with enhanced therma...
                • Augments existing AdvancedMC disk offerings from SANBlaze, which include solid state disks, SATA disks, and SAS disks

                2007 / February
                SB-ATS1936from SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
                10G AdvancedTCA Switch for DTI's Targa Line of AdvancedTCA nodes, switches, and platforms ...
                • Full IPv6 and v6 over v4 tunneling
                • RoHS compliant/Pb Free

                SB-AMC-FCfrom SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
                Two independent, 4 Gbit Fibre Channels ...

                2006 / November
                SB-AMC-SASfrom SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
                Advanced Mezzanine SAS Adapter ...
                • 8 Lane PCI Express backplane connection

                SB AMC-SSDfrom SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
                AdvancedMC Solid State Drive Module ...

                  2006 / January
                  SB-AMC-HDfrom SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
                  The SB-AMC-HD module is a drive carrier module for AdvancedTCA or MicroTCA systems ...

                  2005 / April
                  SB-USB-DVD Bladefrom SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
                  USB 2.0 connectivity ...
                  • 6U single-slot CompactPCI format

                  SB-SCSI Raid Bladefrom SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
                  Single or dual SCSI drive options with SCSI Ultra320 support ...

                  PMC320 SCSI Adapterfrom SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
                  Single or dual Ultra320 SCSI channels with front and rear panel I/O options ...
                  • Connects up to 30 devices

                  PMC FibreChannel HBAfrom SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
                  Two independent, 2 Gbit Fibre Channel ports ...
                  • 64-bit, 33/66 MHz PMC

                  2004 / January
                  SB PMC-FCfrom SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
                  A PMC Fibre Channel adapter for embedded systems based on VME or CompactPCI ...
                  • Front and rear panel I/O options
                  • Supports all major operating systems

                  2003 / December
                  SB-PMC160from SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
                  Single or dual port, Ultra160 SCSI PMC adapter ...

                    SB-PMC320from SANBlaze Technology, Inc.
                    Single or dual-port, Ultra320 SCSI PMC adapter ...
                    • Front-panel connectivity through 68-pin VHDCI connectors and rear I/O options

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