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2009 / July
PAS-9883/GEN Wave Form Function Card (VME & PCI Express)from Precision Analog Systems (PAS)
8-channel Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) waveform generator ...
  • This card has been used for engine controller test Systems and in applications in several national laboratories

2008 / October
PAS 9818/AOfrom Precision Analog Systems (PAS)
The PAS 9818/AO provides eight programmable current output channels with sixteen bit resolution on a 6U VME card...
  • 8 independent DAC channels with 16 bit programmable current outputs
  • Each amplifier provides a flag signal that indicates the amplifier is in a fault condition. These signals can be accessed through software, by reading the flag register
  • Output signals and power supply terminate on P2 backplane connector, or on a DB37 connector at the front panel

PAS 9510/MONfrom Precision Analog Systems (PAS)
A remote temperature monitoring module ...
  • Prevent malfunction and overheating in critical Systems
  • signal status is transmitted to the host computer over an RS-232 serial interface in response to queries from the host

2008 / July
PAS 9912/AOfrom Precision Analog Systems (PAS)
VME Interface: A32, A24, A16; D32, D16 slave, no interrupts ...
  • Calibration: all DACs are calibrated with a Precision onboard voltage reference

2008 / January
PAS 9883/GENfrom Precision Analog Systems (PAS)
An eight-channel, Synchronized Sine/Pulse Generator Card ...
  • All DDS chips are calibrated with a Precision onboard voltage reference
  • DAC Power Supply – onboard +/- 15 V DC-to-DC converter

PAS 9915/AOfrom Precision Analog Systems (PAS)
VME Analog Output Card ...
  • Provides 32, 12-bit Analog voltage output channels on a 6U VMEbus card

2006 / September
PAS 9417/AOfrom Precision Analog Systems (PAS)
A 16-channel, 80 V, 50 mA 6U VME amplifier card ...
  • Amplifier input and output signals available on P2 as an option

2006 / March
PAS 9816/ROfrom Precision Analog Systems (PAS)
A 16-channel, 16- bit VME-based analog output card ...
  • Each of the 16 channels provides a dedicated 16-bit digital-to-Analog converter (DAC)
  • A DB37 female connector at the front panel provides access to the 16 Analog outputs and two digital outputs

2005 / December
PAS 9783/GENfrom Precision Analog Systems (PAS)
An eight-channel VME-based waveform generator for use in creating sine wave and square wave outputs ...

    2005 / May
    PAS 9819/AOfrom Precision Analog Systems (PAS)
    A four-channel, 6U, 16-bit isolated current output VME card ...
    • Output signals terminate on a DB37 clnnector at the front panel
    • Simultaneous DAC update feature is program selectable
    • Data and control signals are transmitted through digital isolators

    2004 / April
    PAS 9782/GEN from Precision Analog Systems (PAS)
    8 Channel Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) Waveform Generator ...

      2003 / November
      PAS 9723/AI from Precision Analog Systems (PAS)
      32 simultaneous sampling analog voltage input channels ...
      • 32 channel scanning Analog multiplexer and 12 bit A/D Converter
      • Analog input signals terminate on a pair of DB 37 connectors at the front panel
      • External trigger input signal terminates on a coax connector at the front panel

      PAS 9732/AIfrom Precision Analog Systems (PAS)
      8 channel, 0 to 10 Volt (9732) or +/- 10 Volt (9732-001), 14 bit Analog Input Card 3 MHz per channel continuous ...

        PAS 9737/AIfrom Precision Analog Systems (PAS)
        64 differential analog input channels ...
        • Analog inputs on 2 ea. 64 position connectors, allows the use of mass termination cable
        • 16 bit 100 KHz Analog to Digital Converter (ADC)

        PAS 9739/AIfrom Precision Analog Systems (PAS)
        Thirty-nine channel, photodetector and dual gain analog input card ...
        • Calibration signals are provided on every channel

        PAS 9416/AOfrom Precision Analog Systems (PAS)
        16 Amplified and Offset Channels ...

          PAS 9418/AOfrom Precision Analog Systems (PAS)
          16 High Power Amplified Channels ...

            PAS 9422/AOfrom Precision Analog Systems (PAS)
            Sixteen high power amplifier circuits on a 6U format card ...
            • Compatible with the PAS 9716/AO, 16 channel, 16 bit Analog Output card and the PAS 9715/AO, 32 channel, 12 bit Analog Output card
            • Will supply up to +/- 210 Volts and up to 200 mAmps of output current

            PAS 9710/AOfrom Precision Analog Systems (PAS)
            8 Channels of +/- 10 Volt Analog Outputs ...
            • 14 bit resolution, 14 bit linear Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) per channel

            PAS 9740/DOfrom Precision Analog Systems (PAS)
            Generates 16 channel output data pattern based on data loaded in on-board FIFOs ...

              PAS 9760/DIfrom Precision Analog Systems (PAS)
              Detects changes and stores data and time value in on-board FIFO ...

                PAS 9764/DIOfrom Precision Analog Systems (PAS)
                32 differential input bits with characteristics specified by EIA-422B ...
                • Input signals on two 50 position shrouded headers at the front panel
                • Interrupt Enable, Interrupt Level, Counter Rate, FIFO Empty, FIFO Half Full, FIFO Full

                PAS 9780/DIOfrom Precision Analog Systems (PAS)
                Two twelve by twelve matrix arrays ...

                  PAS 9795/DIOfrom Precision Analog Systems (PAS)
                  80 TTL level I/O signals arranged as, 64 general purpose I/O, 8 flag I/O, 8 interrupts ...

                    PAS 9797/DIOfrom Precision Analog Systems (PAS)
                    160 TTL level I/O signals arranged as, 128 primary general purpose I/O, ...
                    • All output signal lines have high current, 64 mA, sink current capability
                    • VME SYSFAIL assert on power up, jumper selectable

                    2000 / February
                    PAS 9796/DIOfrom Precision Analog Systems (PAS)
                    A 160-channel digital I/O board ...
                    • Output signal lines have 64 mA sink current capability
                    • Interrupt latch inputs are arranged as two-byte-wide input ports and latch on the rising and falling edges of incoming interrupt signals

                    1999 / October
                    PAS9715/AOfrom Precision Analog Systems (PAS)
                    A 32-channel, 12-bit resolution D/A converter board ...

                      1999 / May
                      PAS 9716/AOfrom Precision Analog Systems (PAS)
                      A 16-channel, 16-bit analog output board ...
                      • Analog outputs are short circuit proof to Analog ground

                      1998 / November
                      PAS 9731/AIfrom Precision Analog Systems (PAS)
                      8 channel, 14-bit resolution, 2 MHz per channel A/D converter board ...

                        1998 / June
                        PAS 9416/AO & 9418/AOfrom Precision Analog Systems (PAS)
                        16 analog amplifiers with offset voltage circuits ...
                        • Pin compatible with Precision Analog Systems' 9716/AO 16-channel, 16-bit Analog output board
                        • Using the combination of these two cards, a VMEbus-based Analog output system can be constructed that will supply up to ±85V and up to 50 mA of output current per channel

                        1997 / January
                        PAS 9722/AIfrom Precision Analog Systems (PAS)
                        Analog input board ...

                          1996 / June
                          9716/AOfrom Precision Analog Systems (PAS)
                          Sixteen ±10V analog output channels with a 14-bit linear D/A converter per channel ...
                          • Output signals on DB37 connector at the front panel

                          9740/D0from Precision Analog Systems (PAS)
                          16 Channels ...
                          • Output signals on DB37

                          9760/DIfrom Precision Analog Systems (PAS)
                          16 Channels ...

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