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2016 / March
FPGA Accelerated Compute Nodefrom Nallatech
The Nallatech® FPGA Accelerated Compute Node® allows you to drive the most demanding HPC, ...
  • High Density 1U Rack Server with (2) Intel Xeon Processors
  • (4) Nallatech 510T Cards with (8) Latest- Generation Altera / Intel Arria 10 FPGAs
  • (2) Arria 10 1150 GX FPGAs delivering up to 2.8 TeraFLOPs

2015 / June
385Afrom Nallatech
The 385A™ is a half-height, half-length PCIe 3.0 card featuring Altera’s ne...
  • Arri385A 10 FPGA

2012 / August
PCIe-287Nfrom Nallatech
The PCIe-287N network accelerator card delivers the processing and I/O performance required to develop and deplo...

    PCIe-385N Network Processing Cardfrom Nallatech
    The PCIe-385N low profile network processing card provides a powerful PCI Express Gen 3 computing platform for F...

      2012 / March
      Xtreme DSP Development Kitfrom Nallatech
      The Xtreme DSP Development Kit delivers one of the industry's most attractive price/performance ratios. Although...

        FPGA Acceleration Guidefrom Nallatech

          2012 / February
          AMC-4120from Nallatech
          The AMC-420â„¢ FPGA processing module is designed to meet the processing needs of high-performan...

            2010 / August
            COTS and Custom FPGA Accelerated Computingfrom Nallatech
            Nallatech has delivered FPGA solutions for more than 18 years to thousands of customers ...
            • Nallatech's comprehensive suite of IP, firmware, and software significantly reduces development time

            2010 / July
            VME, XMC, PCI, & Custom Accelerated Computing Solutionsfrom Nallatech
            Nallatech designs and manufactures FPGA and memory solutions for high-performance computing applications and rug...
            • The Nallatech comprehensive IP suite reduces the time needed to develop interfaces, freeing up resources to implement higher-value features
            • Customer choice of engaging Nallatech Design Services on a turnkey or co-development basis

            2010 / May
            PCIe-280from Nallatech
            An 8-lane PCI Express 2.0 FPGA accelerator card boasting the highest sustained host bandwidth available on the m...
            • The PCIe-280 is the latest product to be introduced to Nallatech's highly successful Embedded PCI Series of FPGA COTS solutions and is targeted at signal intelligence, network security and algorithm acceleration applications

            2009 / December
            PCIe-180from Nallatech
            A low-profile network accelerator card ...
            • HAlf-length, hAlf-height cArd

            2009 / September
            VXS-620 FPGA from Nallatech
            FPGA and PowerPC VXS multiprocessor ...
            • The VXS-620 is the latest product to be introduced to the highly successful Nallatech REVX Series of rugged embedded processing solutions
            • They also include an FPGA Development Kit (FDK), with FPGA cores supplied to interface to FPGA peripherals including memories, data interfaces and I/O ports

            XMC-240from Nallatech
            FPGA processing and analog input PMC/XMC mezzanine ...
            • The XMC-240 is the latest product to be introduced to the highly successful Nallatech REVX Series of rugged embedded processing solutions
            • They also include an FPGA Development Kit (FDK), with FPGA cores supplied to interface to FPGA peripherals including memories, data interfaces and analog interfaces.

            2009 / August
            xmc-240from Nallatech
            The XMC-240 features four channels of analog input that can sample analog signals at up to 250 MSPS with 14 bit ...

            2008 / September
            BenADDA-16ôfrom Nallatech
            Single-width PMC/XMC mezzanine ...

              VXS-610from Nallatech
              Dual FPGA and PPC multiprocessor VXS card ...

              XMC-210from Nallatech
              FPGA and dual 8-bit 3 GSps ADC PMC/XMC ...

                XMC-220from Nallatech
                FPGA and 16-bit Analog I/O PMC/XMC ...

                  2007 / October
                  BenNUEY-PCI-X-V4from Nallatech
                  PCI-X form factor ...

                  BenONE-PCIefrom Nallatech
                  8-lane PCI-Express ...

                    2007 / September
                    BenERA Compact PCI from Nallatech
                    CompactPCI for easy integration into existing systems ...

                      2006 / October
                      BenNUEY-VME64-VXS from Nallatech
                      6U VME64-VXS FPGA Computing Card ...
                      • Using DIME-II expansion modules, the BenNUEY-VME64-VXS can support multiple analog and digital I/O interfaces, memory types, and up to seven user FPGAs on a single PCI card

                      BenNUEY-PCI-104-V4from Nallatech
                      PCI-104 FPGA Computing Processor Card ...

                      BenIO-V4from Nallatech
                      Virtex-4, SRAM, and digital I/O module ...
                      • Provides I/O, processing and memory expansion capability for the Nallatech CompactPCI, VME, PCI, and PCI-104 COTS FPGA computing systems

                      BenADDA-V4from Nallatech
                      Virtex-4, Dual 105 MSps ADC, Dual 160 MSps DAC DIME-II Module ...

                      BenADC-V4from Nallatech
                      Virtex-4/Quad 250 MSps Analog Capture Module ...

                      2006 / January
                      BenNUEY-VME-2VP50-6from Nallatech
                      VME form factor ...

                        2005 / November
                        BenDATA-V4from Nallatech
                        Mixed memory and digital I/O module ...

                          BenBLUE-V4from Nallatech
                          Dual Virtex-4 and SRAM module ...

                          BenNUEY-PCI-Xfrom Nallatech
                          A motherboard suitable for applications including signals intelligence, software defined radio, and radar ...
                          • PCI-X form-fActor

                          2005 / October
                          BenONE-PCI-104from Nallatech
                          FPGA processing capability in PCI-104 form factor ...
                          • Access to Nallatech's full range of DIME-II FPGA modules for FPGA processing, memory, and analog and digital I/O
                          • Fully supported in Nallatech's DIMEtalk application development environment for creating FPGA computing applications
                          • Delivered with a copy of Nallatech's FUSE Runtime Software
                          • Supported operating systems – Windows and Linux; VxWorks and others upon request

                          2005 / May
                          Virtex-4 XtremeDSP Development Kitfrom Nallatech
                          A development platform for Xilinx Virtex-4 FPGAs that provides integration into the Xilinx System Generator for ...
                          • Equipped with A SX35 Virtex-4 FPGA, which hAs 192 XtremeDSP slices, 3,456 Kb internAl RAM, And 15,360 logic slices
                          • Includes Nallatech's FUSE system software

                          2004 / November
                          BenNUEY-VMEfrom Nallatech
                          Based on Xilinx Virtex-II Pro field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) ...

                            2004 / October
                            BenADDA: 14-Bit, ADC and from Nallatech
                            Onboard Xilinx Virtex-II FPGA ...
                            • Multiple clocking options: internal and external

                            2004 / July
                            BenDATA-II from Nallatech
                            Combines the Virtex-II Pro FPGA from Xilinx with the flexibility of both onboard SRAM and DDR SDRAM ...

                              2003 / November
                              BenNUEY-PC104+from Nallatech
                              A PC/104-Plus form-factor DIME-II reconfigurable computer system motherboard ...
                              • Three DIME-II expAnsion slots

                              2003 / January
                              BenFADfrom Nallatech
                              A dual-channel, 640 MSps, 8-bit ADC DIME-II module ...
                              • Double-width DIME-II module
                              • Compatibe with Nallatech DIME-II carrier cards

                              2001 / October
                              Benerafrom Nallatech
                              CompactPCI DIME-II motherboard with Xilinx Virtex FPGAs ...

                                2001 / August
                                Benadicfrom Nallatech
                                A CompactPCI 14-bit ADC motherboard ...
                                • OperAtes At 80 Mbytes/sec with 250Mhz bAndwidth for high-performAnce ApplicAtions

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