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2016 / March
FPGA Accelerated Compute Nodefrom Nallatech
The Nallatech® FPGA Accelerated Compute Node® allows you to drive the most demanding HPC, ...
  • High Density 1U Rack Server with (2) Intel Xeon Processors
  • (4) Nallatech 510T Cards with (8) Latest- Generation Altera / Intel Arria 10 FPGAs
  • OpenCL Programming Support
  • Nallatech Application Optimization and Custom Configurations Available
  • (2) Arria 10 1150 GX FPGAs delivering up to 2.8 TeraFLOPs
  • 1.8X more FPGA resources than previous generation devices
  • PCIe Gen3 x16 - Host Interface
  • OpenCL SDK provides an industry-standard parallel programming environment for much faster and higher level software development flow

2015 / June
385Afrom Nallatech
The 385A™ is a half-height, half-length PCIe 3.0 card featuring Altera’s ne...
  • Delivering 1.5 Peak TFlops of floating point performance
  • Dual QSFP+ network ports complete the balanced architecture capable of both co-processing and latency-critical 1G/10G/40G streaming applications

2012 / August
PCIe-287Nfrom Nallatech
The PCIe-287N network accelerator card delivers the processing and I/O performance required to develop and deplo...
  • Four SFP+ ports supporting a range of 1G and 10G protocols including 10GbE (LAN and WAN)
  • Six independent banks of 9 MB QDR-II SRAM

PCIe-385N Network Processing Cardfrom Nallatech
The PCIe-385N low profile network processing card provides a powerful PCI Express Gen 3 computing platform for F...
  • Low profile PCIe Gen 3 form factor
  • Two SFP+ ports support for 1 GbE, 10 GbE, SONET/SDH and OTN: SONET/SDH; 10G; OC192/STM64; 2.5 Gb ; OC48/STM16; 622M; OC12/STM4; 155M; OC3/STM1; OTN; 10 Gb; OTU2/2e/1e/2f/1; 2.5Gb; OTU1

2012 / March
Xtreme DSP Development Kitfrom Nallatech
The Xtreme DSP Development Kit delivers one of the industry's most attractive price/performance ratios. Although...
  • Two independent DAC channels: AD9772 DAC (14 bits up to 160 MSPS)

FPGA Acceleration Guidefrom Nallatech
  • Real-time embedded and accelerated-computing solutions.
  • A comprehensive suite of design tools including IP cores and frameworks that significantly reduce time to market.

2012 / February
AMC-4120from Nallatech
The AMC-420â„¢ FPGA processing module is designed to meet the processing needs of high-performan...
  • Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA – LX240T, LX365T, LX550T, SX315T, SX475T devices supported
  • AMC.1 PCI Express: Two x4 PCIe Gen 2 links on ports 4-11
  • High-pin count FMC site for addition of FPGA I/O including network, analog, digital and video interfaces
  • Development Kit including FPGA IP framework with cores for processor node and all FPGA peripherals

2010 / August
COTS and Custom FPGA Accelerated Computingfrom Nallatech
Nallatech has delivered FPGA solutions for more than 18 years to thousands of customers ...
  • Design and customer support centers are located in CA and MD, USA (ITAR registered) and the U.K.
  • Analog and digital I/O modules
  • COTS and Custom FPGA Accelerated Computing
  • Extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities facilitate cost effective, expedited production schedules
  • COTS-based memory and processor solutions can be optimized and miniaturized to fit the most demanding applications

2010 / July
VME, XMC, PCI, & Custom Accelerated Computing Solutionsfrom Nallatech
Nallatech designs and manufactures FPGA and memory solutions for high-performance computing applications and rug...
  • The PCI Express compatible Embedded PCI family for workstation and server applications
  • Our Design Services Department can provide turnkey solutions development including FPGA programming, algorithm development, and packaging miniaturization
  • Customer choice of engaging Nallatech Design Services on a turnkey or co-development basis

2010 / May
PCIe-280from Nallatech
An 8-lane PCI Express 2.0 FPGA accelerator card boasting the highest sustained host bandwidth available on the m...
  • The PCIe-280 is the latest product to be introduced to Nallatech's highly successful Embedded PCI Series of FPGA COTS solutions and is targeted at signal intelligence, network security and algorithm acceleration applications
  • Two independent banks of QDR-II SRAM provide 8 GBps of sustained, random access memory bandwidth
  • Optimized VHDL memory controller IP cores and reference designs are included as part of the standard product deliverables along with driver and API source code for 64-bit Linux operating systems

2009 / December
PCIe-180from Nallatech
A low-profile network accelerator card ...
  • Up to 2.38 GBps sustained host bandwidth
  • Five independent banks of DDR-II SRAM memory

2009 / September
VXS-620 FPGA from Nallatech
FPGA and PowerPC VXS multiprocessor ...
  • The VXS-620 is the latest product to be introduced to the highly successful Nallatech REVX Series of rugged embedded processing solutions
  • The FPGA processing is supplemented by a PowerPC for standalone operation, communications management and user applications. Notably, the VXS-620 maximizes sensor I/O density with two PMC/XMC sites
  • The VXS-620 is also supported by comprehensive Development Kits available for both Linux and Wind River VxWorks
  • They also include an FPGA Development Kit (FDK), with FPGA cores supplied to interface to FPGA peripherals including memories, data interfaces and I/O ports

XMC-240from Nallatech
FPGA processing and analog input PMC/XMC mezzanine ...
  • The XMC-240 is the latest product to be introduced to the highly successful Nallatech REVX Series of rugged embedded processing solutions
  • These are coupled directly to a Xilinx Virtex-5 SX95T FPGA for the implementation of high performance DSP applications to process the data captured from the A/D converters
  • The XMC-240 is also supported by comprehensive Development Kits available for both Linux and Wind River VxWorks
  • They also include an FPGA Development Kit (FDK), with FPGA cores supplied to interface to FPGA peripherals including memories, data interfaces and analog interfaces.

2009 / August
xmc-240from Nallatech
The XMC-240 features four channels of analog input that can sample analog signals at up to 250 MSPS with 14 bit ...
  • The XMC-240 has comprehensive clock management capabilities and offers either on-board clocking or external clock input
  • Supported by FPGA Development Kit with FPGA cores supplied

2008 / September
BenADDA-16ôfrom Nallatech
Single-width PMC/XMC mezzanine ...
  • Interface controller to simplify communications and control
  • Two 16-bit 1 GSps D/A converters
  • Commercial (forced-air) and rugged (forced-air or conduction-cooled) versions

VXS-610from Nallatech
Dual FPGA and PPC multiprocessor VXS card ...
  • PowerPC node with MPC8548E processor
  • Front-panel and backplane 10/100/1000 Ethernet and RS-232 ports
  • Commercial (air-cooled) and rugged (air or conduction-cooled) versions

XMC-210from Nallatech
FPGA and dual 8-bit 3 GSps ADC PMC/XMC ...
  • Xilinx Virtex-5 LX155T or SX95T FPGA
  • Linux and VxWorks OS support packages
  • Commercial (air-cooled) and rugged (air or conduction-cooled) versions

XMC-220from Nallatech
FPGA and 16-bit Analog I/O PMC/XMC ...
  • Linux and VxWorks OS support packages
  • Commercial (air-cooled) and rugged (air or conduction-cooled) versions

2007 / October
BenNUEY-PCI-X-V4from Nallatech
PCI-X form factor ...
  • Three DIME-II module expansion slots with onboard Xilinx Virtex-4 FX user FPGA options of XC4VFX60 or XC4VFX100
  • Xilinx Virtex-4/II Pro supported on DIME-II modules

BenONE-PCIefrom Nallatech
8-lane PCI-Express ...
  • DIME-II FPGA module expansion slot
  • Single-ended, differential or high speed serial I/O

2007 / September
BenERA Compact PCI from Nallatech
CompactPCI for easy integration into existing systems ...
  • Four DIME-II module slots
  • Xilinx Virtex-E user FPGA (V1000E/V2000E)
  • Includes IP core for onboard communication
  • FUSE upgrade available to MATLAB or Java APIs

2006 / October
BenNUEY-VME64-VXS from Nallatech
6U VME64-VXS FPGA Computing Card ...
  • Using DIME-II expansion modules, the BenNUEY-VME64-VXS can support multiple analog and digital I/O interfaces, memory types, and up to seven user FPGAs on a single PCI card

BenNUEY-PCI-104-V4from Nallatech
PCI-104 FPGA Computing Processor Card ...
  • This solution is suitable for SWAP constrained real time embedded applications
  • Supports multiple analog and digital I/O interfaces up to seven user FPGAs

BenIO-V4from Nallatech
Virtex-4, SRAM, and digital I/O module ...
  • Combines a Xilinx Virtex-4 SX or LX FPGA, 116 MB of DDR-II SRAM, and up to 152 digital I/O lines
  • COTS solution designed for ease of use, low risk, and straightforward system integration/in-field deployment

BenADDA-V4from Nallatech
Virtex-4, Dual 105 MSps ADC, Dual 160 MSps DAC DIME-II Module ...
  • Combining an Xilinx Virtex-4 SX or LX FPGA, two analog input channels, two analog output channels, and two banks of DDR-II SRAM, the module provides processing, analog I/O, and memory expansion capability

BenADC-V4from Nallatech
Virtex-4/Quad 250 MSps Analog Capture Module ...
  • Combining an Xilinx Virtex-4 SX or LX FPGA, four high speed analog capture channels, and two banks of DDR-II SRAM, the module provides processing, analog I/O, and memory expansion capability
  • This functionality is combined in a proven COTS solutions, designed for ease of use, low risk and straightforward systems integration/in-field deployment

2006 / January
BenNUEY-VME-2VP50-6from Nallatech
VME form factor ...
  • Scalable FPGA resources up to 7 Virtex-II Pro devices
  • Other I/O includes VXS, LVDS, InfiniBand, and analog

2005 / November
BenDATA-V4from Nallatech
Mixed memory and digital I/O module ...
  • Virtex-4 LX100, LX160 or SX55
  • 1 GB DDR2 SDRAM - 2 independent banks
  • 8 GBps total SRAM and SDRAM memory bandwidth

BenBLUE-V4from Nallatech
Dual Virtex-4 and SRAM module ...
  • Two Virtex-4 LX100 or LX160
  • 64 MB DDR-II SRAM - eight independent banks
  • Includes DDR-II SRAM FPGA IP Core
  • Includes open-source example designs

BenNUEY-PCI-Xfrom Nallatech
A motherboard suitable for applications including signals intelligence, software defined radio, and radar ...
  • Onboard Xilinx Virtex-4 FX user FPGA
  • Three DIME-II module expansion slots
  • 18 MB DDR-ll SRAM
  • Includes FUSE FPGA Computing Runtime Software

2005 / October
BenONE-PCI-104from Nallatech
FPGA processing capability in PCI-104 form factor ...
  • Supporting Xilinx Virtex-4, Virtex-II Pro and Virtex-II FPGAs through the DIME-II module range
  • Fully supported in Nallatech's DIMEtalk application development environment for creating FPGA computing applications
  • Delivered with a copy of Nallatech's FUSE Runtime Software
  • Operating Temperature = 0 °C to 50 °C

2005 / May
Virtex-4 XtremeDSP Development Kitfrom Nallatech
A development platform for Xilinx Virtex-4 FPGAs that provides integration into the Xilinx System Generator for ...
  • Includes Nallatech's FUSE system software

2004 / November
BenNUEY-VMEfrom Nallatech
Based on Xilinx Virtex-II Pro field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) ...
  • Support for Gbit Ethernet, Infiniband and Fibrechannel, plus others through two SFP modules on the front-panel interfacing directly to the Virtex-II Pro

2004 / October
BenADDA: 14-Bit, ADC and from Nallatech
Onboard Xilinx Virtex-II FPGA ...
  • Two independent analog capture channels
  • Multiple clocking options: internal and external

2004 / July
BenDATA-II from Nallatech
Combines the Virtex-II Pro FPGA from Xilinx with the flexibility of both onboard SRAM and DDR SDRAM ...
  • Suitable for high-performance FPGA computing applications
  • 16 MB ZBT SRAM is provided for high-speed random access, while 0.5 GB DDR SDRAM offers increased depth for high-speed burst access

2003 / November
BenNUEY-PC104+from Nallatech
A PC/104-Plus form-factor DIME-II reconfigurable computer system motherboard ...
  • Xilinx Virtex-II FPGA (XC2V3000, XC2V6000, or XC2V8000)
  • Up to 66 single-ended I/O on ultra SCSI connector
  • Additional power connectors available for high power designs

2003 / January
BenFADfrom Nallatech
A dual-channel, 640 MSps, 8-bit ADC DIME-II module ...
  • Compatibe with Nallatech DIME-II carrier cards
  • Two tightly-synchronized, high-speed ADC channels
  • 8-bit resolution per channel
  • 2 MB ZBT SRAM per channel

2001 / October
Benerafrom Nallatech
CompactPCI DIME-II motherboard with Xilinx Virtex FPGAs ...
  • PCI master DMA engine capable of 266 Mbytes/sec PCI burst transfers
  • JTAG/SelectMap FPGA configuration
  • Xilinx Virtex PCI FPGA, pre-configured with PCI/board control firmware
  • DIME software development API with functions for user software development
  • Digital I/O available to backplane
  • Includes example designs and source code

2001 / August
Benadicfrom Nallatech
A CompactPCI 14-bit ADC motherboard ...
  • Configuration software is provided to facilitate control and configuration of user designs to six Xilinx Virtex-E FPGAs, while one Virtex FPGA (V600) comes pre-figured with the Xilinx LogiCORE PCI64 interface through the PCI/board control firmware

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