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ICS-8554Dfrom GE Intelligent Platforms, Inc.
For use in communications, radar, and test and measurement applications in harsh environments ...
  • Suitable applications include military communications, signal intelliGEnce, smart antenna, radar beam forming, wireless test and measurement and satellite ground stations
  • Two larGE FIFO buffers decoupled to support simultaneous wide and narrow band operation and a fast PCI 2.2 64-bit, 66 MHz DMA interface
  • Available in five rugGEdization levels conforming to the IEEE 1101.2-1992 standard, including both convection- and conduction-cooled options, and can be used with any suitable type of carrier card that will accept a PMC module, including VME, PCI, and CompactPCI types
  • Level 4 and 5 conduction-cooled versions must be used with an appropriate conduction cooled carrier such as those made by GE Intelligent Platforms in VMEbus and CompactPCI formats

Quadiafrom Innovative Integration
Quad-DSP ...
  • One larGE FPGA for end-user code

GRA111from GE Intelligent Platforms, Inc.
The OpenVPX-compatible GRA111 high-performance graphics board features NVIDIA's newly-announced GT 240 GPU and i...
  • It is the first member of GE Intelligent Platforms planned family of CUDA-enabled products that are expected to revolutionize military and aerospace embedded computing by bringing a ‘supercomputing' capability to applications that require leading-edge processing and that lend themselves to parallel computing such as radar, signals intelligence, and video surveillance and interpretation
  • The 3U format GRA111 derives much of its astonishing performance from the 96 cores, 128-bit memory interface, 1 GB of DDR3 video memory, 16-lane PCI Express GEn 2 interface, 540 MHz graphics clock, and 1,302 MHz processor clock of the NVIDIA GT 240 GPU

Ensemble GSC6200from Mercury Systems
The EnsembleTM 6000 series 6U OpenVPXTM GSC6200 GPU Processing Module from Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. harnes...
  • Dual MXM sites support 1 NVIDIA GEForce GTX 460M Fermi Architecture GPU, each with two single-link DVI interfaces
  • 48-lane, 12-port PCI Express GEn2 switch to backplane
  • Software-controlled manaGEment features
  • Advanced power manaGEment capabilities

VPX3-534 3U VPX 6GSPS Tranceiver Cardfrom Curtiss-Wright
The VPX3-534 combines high-speed multi-channel analog IO, user programmable FPGA processing and local processing...

VPX3-535 3U VPX ADC DAC 6 GSPSfrom Curtiss-Wright
The VPX3-535 combines high-speed multi-channel analog IO, VITA 48.8 Air-Flow Through (AFT) technology, user prog...
  • Wide temperature ranGE AFT cooling (VITA 48.8)

TS-PMC A30from GE Intelligent Platforms, Inc.
FPGA processor solution targeted at high performance military and commercial computing applications ...

Quadia.. Advanced Signal Capture & Realtime from Innovative Integration
1 GHz TMS320C6416 DSP (x4) ...

TS-CPCI-8002from GE Intelligent Platforms, Inc.
Dual EP1S80-C5 FPGA ...
  • High bandwidth connection makes it suitable for software defined radio, radar, sonar, imaGE and video processing, as well as other high performance signal processing applications

Cougarfrom Curtiss-Wright
An Integrated Radar Input and Scan Converter VME board set ...
  • Designed for demanding military radar applications, Cougar speeds and simplifies the integration of advanced radar imaGE processing and distribution functionality into deployed embedded system
  • Various rugGEdization levels include air-cooled and conduction-cooled (contact factory to discuss which variants will be available in a conduction-cooled form

OpenVPX GSC6201from Mercury Systems
The Ensemble Series 6000 Dual AMD GPGPU OpenVPX GSC6201 module from Mercury Computer Systems Inc. delivers the d...
  • Balances the computational capabilities of AMD’s latest-GEneration Radeon HD 7970M embedded GPGPU with high-bandwidth I/O interfaces, providing a powerful and scalable computing architecture for high-end radar, electronic warfare, and imaGE processing applications
  • Open industry-standard hardware technologies incorporated within the GSC6201 include OpenVPX for interoperability, extreme rugGEdization for harsh environmental operation, and MXM graphics module technology for rapid tech refresh and performance upgrades

Smart Antenna Development Platformfrom Spectrum Signal Processing
A Smart Antenna Development Platform that leverages upon the reconfigurability, flexibility, and modularity of S...
  • TarGEted at government and commercial users that require increased capacity, extended ranGE, and signal enhancement to GEt the most out of their infrastructure investment.
  • Supports two to eight receive channels with a 10 MHz bandwidth and can scan the frequency ranGE from 20 MHz to 3 GHz, sufficient for all military communications and cellular bands
  • Uses multiple antennae and intensive signal processing to locate a mobile user and steer an antenna beam towards the user, thereby enhancing the signal and ranGE of the wireless system

TX PMC/XMC Modulefrom Innovative Integration
VelociaPMC transmitter card features the most advanced architecture for ultra-fast signal generation and real-ti...
  • Applications: Software Defined Radio (SDR), Arbitrary Waveform GEneration, Electronic Warfare, Advanced RADAR, Telecom Hardware Testing, IP development

Quixote 64-bit 6Ufrom Innovative Integration
A 64-bit CompactPCI 6U board for advanced signal capture, generation, and co-processing ...
  • Physical Layer Field Testing, Ultra-Fast Flexible Data Acquisition, vector signal GEneration, and electronic warfare

Quixote Complete SDR Solutionfrom Innovative Integration
1 GHz TMS320C6416 DSP ...
  • Complex trigGEr modes with HW event logging
  • Suitable for Software Defined Radio, wireless IP development and hardware testing, physical layer field testing, ultra-fast flexible data acquisition, vector signal GEneration/signal identification, RADAR, and electronic warfare

AURIX TC3xxx Microcontroller Familyfrom Infineon Technologies Corporation
Up to six high performance cores with a clock frequency of 300 MHz and advanced features for connectivity, secur...

Blighter e-scan radarfrom Plextek Blighter
The new features to Blighter's electronic scanning (e-scan) array radar will enable its radar to protect complex...
  • Compact size (about the size of a larGE brief case)

X5 Familyfrom Innovative Integration
X5-400M - (2) 400 MSps, 14-bit A/Ds, and (2) 500 MSps, 16-bit DACs, Virtex-5 FPGA, 1 GB Memory ...

dB-3840from dB Control
dB-3840 TWTA – 700 Watts Pulsed, 34.5 to 35.5 GHz, Outdoor Hub-mount Ka-band. Applications: R...

RSC-1000Vfrom Folsom Research, Inc.
A COTS 2-slot 6U board ...
  • Two independent radar processing channels support simultaneous display of two radar imaGEs in one or two windows
  • Programmable de-clutter map controls gain and offset based upon ranGE and azimuth
  • Dedicated pixel fill hardware ensures imaGE elements are not skipped

HPx-200efrom Cambridge Pixel
The HPx-200e is Cambridge Pixel's new PCI Express Radar Interface Card for primary radar acquisition. The card s...

DR PMC/XMC Modulefrom Innovative Integration
DR 16 Channel Wide Band Receiver PMC/XMC Module ...

SPx Serverfrom Cambridge Pixel
  • The SPx Server software module is integrated with the SPx Processing library, which provides a comprehensive ranGE of radar processing capabilities.

Cougar 2 Radar Input & Scan Conversionfrom Curtiss-Wright
Cougar 2 is a high performance solution for capturing, converting and mixing radar video, available as a turnkey...
  • Wide ranGE of radar interfaces supported

HPx-200 radar cardfrom Cambridge Pixel
Cambridge Pixel's HPx-200 is PCI-based primary radar input card, which interfaces to a wide range of primary rad...
  • Accommodates analog and digital radar video types, trigGEr and azimuth (ACP/ARP and parallel data) signals
  • Radar trigGEr and azimuth signals may be differential or discrete, support for opto-coupled inputs for improved noise immunity/software programmable thresholds for ease of configuration
  • The HPx-200 also features an optional end-of-ranGE signal to terminate sampling
  • The HPx-200 is fully supported under Windows and Linux and is available with supporting software from a C/C++ board support packaGE to complete radar processing servers or client display applications

Blighter N5S antennasfrom Plextek Blighter
New N5S antennas enhance the Blighter B400 series radar’s effectiveness in border, area and perimeter secu...
  • N5S field interchanGEable antennas concentrate the elevation beamwidth of the B400 series radar down to 5° allowing new and existing users of the radar to detect - out to 15 km - both walking humans in very flat terrain and small boats over water.

RVP Trackerfrom Curtiss-Wright
A radar tracking system that supports moving platforms, including ship and airborne ...
  • Available in a ranGE of form factors, including VME, PCI, and CompactPCI, and can be supplied as complete subsystems in naval-qualified enclosures

RSC-1100Vfrom Folsom Research, Inc.
A COTS 2-slot 6U board ...
  • Programmable de-clutter map controls gain and offset based upon ranGE and azimuth
  • Dedicated pixel fill hardware ensures imaGE elements are not skipped

Condor 3000x-cc XMC Video Graphics Cardfrom Tech Source Inc.
The Condor 3000x-cc XMC card is based on the AMD Radeon (TM) E6760 embedded graphics processing unit (GPU) and p...
  • Designed for GEneral purpose graphics processing unit (GPGPU) applications such as imaGE analysis, radar, sonar and video surveillance
  • Based on the AMD RadeonTM E6760 embedded graphics processing unit (GPU) and provides a robust solution for rugGEd military and avionics applications that require high performance graphics and video processing
  • Condor 3000x-cc XMC card natively supports the industry standard OpenCLâ„¢ programming languaGE.

HPx-300from Cambridge Pixel
Cambridge Pixel's HPx-300 radar output card allows developers of radar tracking or radar display applications to...
  • Dual video, trigGEr, ACP/ARP, SHM, parallel azimuth

HPx-100from Cambridge Pixel
A flexible, PCI-based primary radar interface card for analog and digital radars ...
  • Analog and digital interface with trigGEr and azimuth turning data
  • Built-In- Test GEnerator

Model 71641from Pentek, Inc.
The Model 71641, capable of digitizing one 12-bit channel at 3.6 GHz, or two channels at 1.8 GHz, comes preconfi...
  • PCI Express GEn. 2 interface up to x8

RadarViewfrom Cambridge Pixel
RadarView is a Primary Radar Video Visualisation package for Windows-CP/Vista ...

CMPA2735030S and CMPA2735015S from Wolfspeed, Inc.
  • The MMICs operate in the 2.7 - 3.5 GHz ranGE and carry an operating voltaGE of 50 V.

Radar Image Serverfrom Cambridge Pixel
Provides a highly flexible and cost-effective way of integrating radar video into view-only monitoring applicati...
  • Distributes up to four scan converted imaGEs to display clients including standard web browsers
  • Software-based approach allows different views of the radar coveraGE to be monitored at multiple locations on anything from a low-cost laptop to a high-resolution video wall
  • TarGEted at security and traffic manaGEment applications

RVP Familyfrom Curtiss-Wright
A family of high performance radar acquisition, tracking, and distribution servers ...
  • Modular software and open-systems hardware allows a rich set of capabilities to be provided in a compact and cost-effective form factor built on standard COTS hardware Platforms
  • Core of integrated software modules, which work on industry standard operating systems and computing Platforms

SystemFlow for Talon Recordersfrom Pentek, Inc.
SystemFlow is the software interface that is integrated into every Talon recorder. The software includes the gra...
  • TarGEts Specialized Recording Modes for Mission-Critical Applications Enhances GPS Functions for TarGEt Triangulation and Time Stamping

VRC 1000/VRC 2000from Barco
A VMEbus-based video controller ...
  • Three radar trigGEr

COTS Radar Signal Processor Platformfrom Parsec
Programmable RSP platform ...

SPx Radar Softwarefrom Cambridge Pixel
COTS software modules for radar processing, scan conversion, and distributio ...

SPx Scan Conversionfrom Cambridge Pixel
Radar Scan Conversion (PPI and A-Scan) using Windows and Linux ...

Osiris Radar Inputfrom Curtiss-Wright
A high-performance, dual channel radar interface board that accepts and processes analog and digital radar signa...
  • Dual trigGEr inputs

Radar Upgrades/Radar Scan Conversionfrom Linktronic
Radar scan converters and recordering; using the latest COTS technologies ...
  • RCB-16 – small area tactical mobile radar – 1000 meter ranGE w/remote alarms
  • Our special skill is upgrading radar within limited budGEts

Radar Video Distribution Serverfrom Curtiss-Wright
A radar video distribution server in PCI, CompactPCI, and VME form factors ...
  • Available in a ranGE of form factors and configurations, ranging from a 4U rack-mountable, industrial-grade, PCI-based enclosure to a single-slot VME or CompactPCI card

CBSRsfrom SKY Computers, Inc.
Complete coastal and border surveillance radar systems ...

Eaglefrom Curtiss-Wright
A radar scan converter ...

ICS-564from GE Intelligent Platforms, Inc.
4-channel, 14-bit, 200 MHz DAC PMC board with Integrated Digital Upconverter and PCI 64/66 interface ...
  • 2 MB onboard memory storaGE

ICS-8554Bfrom GE Intelligent Platforms, Inc.
A rugged 4-channel 105 MHz ADC PMC module with DDCs, Xilinx FPGA and PCI 64/66 interface ...
  • Internal or external clock and trigGEr

Orion-V5 VXSfrom TEK Microsystems, Inc.
The QuiXilica Orion-V5 VXS - a 6U ANSI/VITA 41 (VXS) high-speed digitizer combining high density FPGA processing...
  • RugGEdization designed in for demanding deployed applications

M9290Afrom Keysight Technologies
  • Perform fast calibrated stimulus response measurement with full-band tracking GEnerator

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