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2013 / July
12-Slot MicroTCA.4 Platformfrom Elma Electronic - Systems
Elma's family of MicroTCA.4 development platforms support up to 12 slots front and rear single/double mid-sized ...

    2012 / March
    6U cPCI SATA Storage Modulesfrom Elma Electronic - Systems
    High-Capacity Storage Modules with SATA Connectivity in cPCI Form Factors ...
    • More than 1.5TB of solid-state storage in a single blade*
    • Front panel SATA ports or rear SATA ports via RTM
    • * Drive type dependent, consult ELMA regarding currently available drive capacities

    2012 / January
    3U VPX Mini ATRfrom Elma Electronic - Systems
    The 3U VPX Mini ATR in a rugged OpenVPX platform designed for use in harsh environments where SWaP is critical. ...
    • can be configured with solid state storage and a 250 W power supply

    2011 / December
    Liquid-cooled ATR chassisfrom Elma Electronic - Systems
    Elma Electronic Inc. has a new rugged 1 ATR tall, short enclosure with independent dual liquid-cooled side walls...
    • Holds 6U VPX conduction-cooled boards
    • Electron beam welded fluid channels in the side walls that can use a variety of cooling fluids

    2011 / July
    ATCA7365 SystemPakfrom Elma Electronic - Systems
    High performance, multiprocessing system platform designed to address compute-intensive requirements in command ...
    • Successfully tested to withstand a 36" drop shock test per MIL-STD-810G
    • High processing power for rugged Comms On The Move (COTM) applications such as data center virtualization and network-centric environments
    • 96 GB of DDR memory per blade
    • Delivered tested and verified with Linux, and the processors are VMware certified
    • Can withstand a 36" drop test on two axes
    • Four 300 GB SAS (serial-attached SCSI) drives and a 10 Gigabit Ethernet fabric switch blade with RTM (real-time monitoring) are also part of the ready-to-run unit
    • Blades are available with a wide range of Intel processor options and offer AMC sites for system I/O and storage expansion

    2010 / October
    Secure PMCDiskfrom Elma Electronic - Systems
    For securely erasing and write-protecting sensitive data in harsh environments found in military and defense app...
    • RoHS-compliant

    2009 / May
    ComEth4300afrom Elma Electronic - Systems
    ACT/Technico offers Interface Concept's fully managed IPv4/IPv6 ComEth4300a 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) switches w...
    • Supports Layer 2 through Layer 4 advanced traffic classification, filtering, and prioritization
    • Automatic MAC address management, auto-negotiation, auto-polarity, and auto-crossover on each port
    • Interface Concept's proven onboard Switchware software easily manages all the traffic routing and packet processing

    2008 / July
    SATA PMCDiskfrom Elma Electronic - Systems
    RoHS-compliant SATA PMCDisk replaces hard drives and disk modules that require external fixtures or system slots...
    • Supports 33/66 MHz PCI operation
    • Uses a 9.5 mm high 2.5” ATA/IDE hard disk or a solid state IDE flash disk
    • Operating temperature ranges from -40 °F to + 85 °F
    • Available with conformal coating

    Flash PMCStorfrom Elma Electronic - Systems
    Flash PMCStor, a low-power conduction-cooled solid state flash memory PMC module with up to 128 GB of NAND flash...
    • Supports CompactFlash drives (CF and CF-II) allowing for enhanced environmental performance

    2008 / May
    VME RAIDStorfrom Elma Electronic - Systems
    A single-slot 6U network attached storage blade that provides the same automatic, transparent data replication a...
    • Network management without impact to top level application

    2007 / November
    Liquid-cooled ATRfrom Elma Electronic - Systems
    Liquid-cooled Air Transport Rack (ATR) chassis ...
    • Can fit up to ten 6U x 160 mm slots in a 1 ATR Short size

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