By Schroff Pentair

Pentair engineers have designed a ruggedized version of their Schroff VARISTAR cabinet platform that has enhanced vibration resistance ñ meeting MIL-STD-901D ñ for protecting sensitive electronic systems during extreme operating conditions often encountered during sea operations. The VARISTAR MIL-STD-901D can be used on aircraft carriers, frigates, and submarines. The cabinet is based on a Seismic/EMC frame that meets the robustness and stability necessary for mobile applications. It has four shock absorbers fitted to the welded base plate and has two more positioned at†the top to the rear of the cabinet. The rear panel is divided into three parts. At the top it has a robust plate where the shock absorbers are mounted. In the center there is a standard rear panel and at the bottom there is a connecting plate in stainless steel for cable ducting. The shock absorbers are available in two versions: elastomer absorbers and wire rope springs. The VARISTAR MIL-STD-901D features EMC protection (60 dB at 1 GHz, 40 dB at 3 GHz) and IP protection (IP 55). MIL-STD-167 testing is available upon request. The†cabinetís MIL-STD-901D test results and videos can be viewed at:

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  • Cost reductions are demanded in all areas. Consequently in many sectors, even in defence technology, there is increased use of Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) solutions. In the military sector, however, one thing is of the highest priority: uncompromising security. VARISTAR is therefore designed such that, as regards shock and vibration stability, shielding against highfrequency interference and long-term durability, you can rely on it one-hundred per cent. Because only total reliability down to

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