Echotek SCFE-V6-OVPX

By Mercury Systems

The EchotekŪ Series SCFE-V6-OVPX Virtex-6 FPGA Processing Engine from Mercury Computer Systems provides high-performance processing for applications requiring extreme FPGA processing power, such as EW, ELINT, SIGINT, RADAR, Commercial Wireless, and Deep Packet Inspection Next-generation architecture for high-end defense and commercial applications such as SIGINT, EW, Communications, RADAR, Commercial Wireless, and Deep Packet Inspection

Echotek SCFE-V6-OVPX


  • Ultimate processing power with three Xilinx® VirtexTM-6 LX240Ts or SX315Ts
  • VITA 57 FMC sites for flexible I/O enhancements, including Echotek® Series multi-channel digitizer FMCs
  • High-speed OpenVPX interface fully compatible with Ensemble OpenVPX modules
  • EchoCoreTM IP Advantage
  • Flexible Control-Plane Processor
  • Flexible I/O with FMC Sites

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