HD WDR video surveillance chipset

By Altera Corporation

The HD WDR video surveillance chipset comprises an Altera Cyclone IV E FPGA loaded with image processing IP bolted to an image sensor, and it provides High Def Wide Dynamic Range plus logic security

HD WDR video surveillance chipset


  • Off-the-shelf combination, complete with tools and software, too
  • AltaSens 1080p60 A3372E3-4T image sensor, 2200 x 1125 pixels by 16 bits/pixel at 60 frames per second
  • Over 2 Gbps
  • Apical's HD WDR full Image Signal Processing (ISP) pipeline IP (available for licensing online)
  • Enables other processing such as image enhancement, edge detection, target identification, and transcoding
  • Also available for this package: evaluation IP, evaluation license, ISP core license, and Altera's Quartus II software

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