SEG 11000

By Radisys Corporation

A robust telecom security gateway based on NDS standards that provides stateful firewalling and IPsec tunneling in a single platform

SEG 11000


  • The Radisys LTE SEG secures LTE Access/Backhaul and LTE Packet Core networks, as well as current generation wireless offload applications like I-WLAN, UMA/GAN and FemtoCell that are evolving to LTE
  • The Radisys LTE SEG, is built around the carrier-grade Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA), and offers world-class security features with multi-gigabit performance
  • The LTE SEG is also available as a turnkey ATCA blade that can be integrated into other network elements
  • Both chassis and blade configurations support carrier grade high availability with redundant hardware and sophisticated fault tolerant software

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