40/100 G for IBM Blade

By Annapolis Micro Systems, Inc.

40/100 G for IBM Blade


  • Dual 40/100G CFP IBM Blade 2nd-Slot Card
  • One or two CFP interfaces, each supporting full duplex
  • 100Gbit and 40Gbit Ethernet (802.3ba)
  • 100Gbit (OTU4) and 40Gbit (SDH/OTU3) for Telecommunications
  • Three 40Gbit Ethernet streams
  • One or two Altera Stratix IV GT EP4S100G5 FPGAs
  • Up to 37 GBytes of DDR3 DRAM arranged in up to eight 72-bit ports
  • Integrated as 2nd slot of WILDSTAR 5 for IBM Blade main processor board
  • Up to 68 Full Duplex Serial I/O lanes from CFP 2nd slot board to Wildstar 5 IBM Blade main board
  • Supports enough memory bandwidth for buffering the incoming data
  • Includes 100Gbit and 40Gbit Ethernet MACs for Altera Stratix IV

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