By Acromag, Inc.

Acromag's new PMC carrier card delivers power to a PMC module and regulates the PCI bus start-up sequence to enable independent use of FPGA modules in embedded computing applications



  • Single-slot PMC carrier card
  • Stand-alone design does not require expensive card cage or other computer chassis
  • Suits custom computing solutions based on configurable FPGA modules
  • On-board DC-DC converter provides +3.3V DC to the PMC module from a +5V power source
  • Users can optionally provide a ±12V DC source
  • Manual reset button initiates a PCI reset at user's discretion
  • Voltage monitor designed to prevent code execution errors during power-up, power-down, or potential brown-out conditions when +5V DC supply dips too low
  • A standard 14-pin Xilinx JTAG connection is available for utilizing the TDI, TDO, TCK, and TMS signals
  • Front or rear connection I/O access
  • The APMC4110 is ideal for custom computing applications based on a reconfigurable FPGA module operating independently of VME, CompactPCI, or other bus-level resources

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