C2 Server

By Radisys Corporation

The Radisys Promentum C2 server is based on an LCR Ruggedized 6U 6 Slot ATCA Chassis that is designed to meet MIL-STD-810. It has been validated with: Radisys Promentum ATCA-2210 switches; Radisys Promentum ATCA-4500 series of processor blades including the ATCA-4500, ATCA-4550, ATCA-4555 and ATCA-4580; Astute R1100 10G iSCSI Edge Storage blade and the E1112 RTM

C2 Server


  • In a typical configuration using two of each blade, the system provides ~500 SPECint_rate_base2006 and 7.2TB of storage capacity with dual redundant switches
  • RTM options for the A4500 series of product include 10x1GbE RTM, Fibre Channel RTM with on-board HDD, and the standard RTM with on-board storage
  • The Single Board Computers are certified with VMware ESXi, which allows multiple operating systems running on the compute blades, consolidation of multiple applications on a single blades, and the use of VSphere 4.0 to provide a fault tolerant environment

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