Promentum ATCA-4580

By Radisys Corporation

Promentum ATCA-4580
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  • 10-gigabit compute processing module based on a dual Intel Xeon 5600 processor
  • The ATCA-4580 is one of the 8th generation single board computers from Radisys
  • It is a high performance, single slot AdvancedTCA computer module based on a dual socket L5638 Intel Xeon processor
  • It is ideal for server-centric applications, media processing applications, or LTE infrastructure
  • The ATCA-4580 provides 10-Gigabit fabric connectivity, 6 DDR3 DIMM sockets, and a ATI ES1000 graphics controller
  • An optional RTM supports 2 SFF HDD
  • The Dual quad-core L5638 processors provide the highest performance possible in a single slot
  • Support for Hyper-threading allows the six cores to process up to two threads simultaneously, so to the OS the processor appears as twelve separate cores
  • The integrated memory controller significant reduces memory latency. Support for 6 DIMM of VLP DDR3 allows memory density of up to 48G, while providing a cost effective solution for applications that have lower density memory requirements
  • The ATCA-4580 supports multiple storage options
  • Optional dual user flash can support up to 16GB each, providing a total of 32GB of storage
  • This storage can function as a boot device, so it can be used to store an operating systems and application image, eliminating the need for a hard drive
  • An onboard SAS controller supports 2 SFF HDD located on the optional RTM, allowing a hardware (0/1) Raid
  • The board also supports iSCSI storage over both the base and fabric, allowing the use of an AdvancedTCA or external iSCSI storage device
  • The ATCA-4580 is designed for High Availability (HA) applications providing 99.999% up time
  • An Intelligent Platform Management Controller (IPMC) provides system management functionality compliant with the IPMI specification, and includes features such as standard e-keying, remote upgrade capability, IPMI-over-LAN, Serial-over-LAN, and message bridging and messaging support
  • The ATCA-4580 will be available as a fully validated integrated into the Radisys family of platforms which include 2, 14 and 16 slot platforms
  • The board will be fully interoperable with Radisys Promentum DSP, Packet Processing and Switch products, and the board has been validate with various and storage components

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