Intelligent 300 W Thermal Load Board

By Comtel Electronics GmbH

If you are qualifying high-power blades and you are not sure how airflow test reports apply to you, we have the answers

Intelligent 300 W Thermal Load Board


  • AdvancedTCA blades are drawing more power and getting denser
  • Comtel Electronics is now offering a way to test the most important characteristic of your AdvancedTCA chassis – temperature
  • Comtel's load board is controlled via any AdvancedTCA compliant shelf manager using standard IPMI commands
  • Emulate high power blades with six zones
  • Simple and fast setup using IPMI commands
  • Understand effective cooling characteristics instead of just airflow
  • Useful for safety regulatory testing
  • Understand temperature rise over blade
  • RTM thermal blade with two zones
  • 300 W total power dissipation per blade
  • Six Power Zones to adjust loading to emulate your blades
  • Each zone controlled over IPMI
  • Three temperature sensors
  • Three airflow sensors
  • Safe – Thermal cut-off circuit and high-temperature materials used

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