Radisys Promentum ATCA 4.0 Platform

By Radisys Corporation

Radisys Promentum ATCA 4.0 Platform
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  • 40 Gigabit AdvancedTCA Application Ready Platform
  • As TEMs focus on building next-generation network elements, they need a platform providing next-generation switching, power, and cooling, and supporting high-bandwidth applications such as LTE, WiMAX, femtocell gateways, and video
  • Satisfying these requirements, the Radisys ATCA 4.0 platform, based on the company's 4th generation of AdvancedTCA products, ensures a smooth and economical transition to the ATCA 4.0 environment
  • Radisys ATCA 4.0 products are highly scalable and dense, and offer a four times performance improvement in both switching and processing capabilities over 10G offerings
  • The Radisys ATCA 4.0 platform combines a 40G chassis, a 40G switch, and a 10GBASE-KR/40GBASE-KR4 capable back-plane for deployment in next-generation 4G networks
  • The 40G chassis includes enhanced per-slot power and cooling capability along with true 40G backplane connectivity
  • The 40G switch has field–proven switch management software and provides increased I/O density and native 40G switching to the node slots
  • The reuse of the switch management software allows for consistent API access, thereby enabling the reuse of any development already completed with an existing 10G switch
  • Application ready platform to address next-generation requirements for LTE EPC, WiMAX, DPI, Femto Gateways, and Multimedia wireless and wireline delivery solutions
  • Fully validated 40G platform with a validated backplane and a cutting-edge switch
  • Backwards-compatibility with 10G elements for investment protection
  • Pre-validated 40G and 10G components to avoid interoperability issues
  • Broad partner ecosystem support for the platform to help shrink the ››deployment timeline from 3 years to 1 year
  • Chassis: Upgrade to support 40G to all node slots along with upgrade of power and cooling to support 300W
  • Switch: Delivers 40G switching. Is backwards compatible to existing node blades and has high density front and rear I/O >10x 10G. Also has the option to support 40G I/O (QSFP)
  • Software: Backwards-compatible
  • All of the software will carry forward from 10G platform including Shelf Management, IPMI and Switch Management
  • Improves economies of scale and reduce development expense with the common managed platform with flexible configuration options for building blocks and software to enable multiple applications with single platform architecture

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