Promentum ATCA-6006

By Radisys Corporation


  • 5U ATCA shelf with 4 node slot and 2 hub slots
  • Blades lie horizontally and are cooled by two hot-swappable fan units on either side of the shelf, working in a push-pull arrangement to draw air across the blades from right to left
  • The backplane is configured with the two hub slots on the bottom and 4 node slots above them
  • Backplane is a full mesh, supporting dual-star fabric (base & fabric) with dual IPMB busses for management
  • The ATCA-6006 accommodates 6 RTMs (Rear Transition Modules) which are cooled by fans within the PEMs (Power Entry Modules)
  • The two – 48V DC PEMs plug directly into the backplane from the back of the shelf

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