Promentum ATCA-1200

By Radisys Corporation

Promentum ATCA-1200


  • ATCA Managed Quad-AMC Carrier Blade
  • Enables a user to build multiple AdvancedTCA modules with different AMC configurations – PrAMC, Security (IPSec/SSL), Storage, I/O AMC, etc.
  • Control plane consists of the MPC8548 PowerQuik III processor, the Local Management processor (LMP), the PCI-E links connecting each AMC to the LMP and a 1 GE control port from the LMP to the switch
  • The PCI-E links, which are routed to each AMC via a PCI-E switch, provides the means of supporting “un-intelligent" boards and allow an application running on the LMP to initialized the AMC device much like legacy PCI devices were initialized. PCI-E switch also supports bridging function to enable AMC to AMC PCI-E communication or control
  • .The data-plane consists of several 1GE links (number depend on configuration) coming from each AMC via the switch to the 2 x 10GE or 2 x 4 x 1 GE ATCA fabric interface, depending on the board configuration (see block diagram). The LMP manages the data-plane through the management of the GE Switch
  • The switch routes 5 x 1GE to each AMC (Ports 0,1, 14, 15,& 16), 2 x 1GE port to the LMP and 2 x 10GE to support PICMG 3.1 opt. 9 backplane fabric connection
  • The board can also be configured to support 2 x 4 x 1GE, PICMG 3.1 opt. 3 backplane fabric connection
  • The base fabric is routed through the switch, providing direct connection of the LMP to the base, and allowing the LMP to control AMCs that don't have PCIe
  • The switch is a fully managed switch, controlled by software running on the LMP
  • It allows data path management to and from the AMCs and the ATCA shelf for APS, data aggregation, tagging and other networking functions

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