FlexPacket RTM-COP50

By Radisys Corporation

A fail-to-wire Gigabit Ethernet copper bypass rear transition module for the company's flagship FlexPacket ATCA-PP50 packet processing blade

FlexPacket RTM-COP50


  • The COP50 is the industry's only AdvancedTCA solution that is specifically optimized for in-line Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
  • Allows customers to avoid the cost and complexity of managing extra devices in the network while still offering protection against network outages
  • Supports in-line DPI for greater control and accuracy, resulting in lower overall system costs and higher density
  • Up to 50% lower cost versus a full HA solution
  • Eliminates network outages if in-line equipment fails, protecting against application, blade, and power failures
  • Streamlined solution: avoids the need to use external bypass, thereby resulting in only one system to manage, which simplifies configurations and reduces cabling and inventory management requirements
  • Can be used in both small and large systems and will significantly lower overall system costs
  • Using a combination of hardware bypass technology and a management processor, the COP50 monitors the DPI platform for faults, including power failures or problems with individual boards, software, or interfaces
  • In the event a failure is detected, traffic will automatically be re-routed to bypass the platform until the power failure or fault is corrected
  • The COP50 and PP50 combination is compatible with all AdvancedTCA chassis and provides 10G capacity per blade from two RMI XLR732 packet processors

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