By Schroff Pentair



  • An electronics cabinet platform
  • Heavy-Duty frame: 1800 lbs to IEC 61587, earthquake-resistant
  • Shock resistant: tested to IEC 61587-2: 5 g
  • Vibration resistant: tested to IEC 61587-2: 1 g
  • Maximum stability
  • Static load-carrying capacity up to 1800 lbs, tested to IEC 61587-1
  • Fulfills IEC 60297-3-100 (19")
  • Excellent earthquake resistance with frame reinforcement
  • Certified: tested to MIL-STD-901D
  • Capable of handling extreme stresses: robust and reliable for mobile use
  • Versatile: highly flexible construction
  • Reliable: shielded against high-frequency interference: 60 dB at 1 GHz, 40 dB at 3 GHz
  • Protected: against dust and water (IP 55)
  • Durable: dual protection against corrosion with zinc-plated and powder-coated frame
  • Cost reductions are demanded in all areas
  • Consequently in many sectors, even in defense technology, there is increased use of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solutions
  • In the military sector, however, one thing is of the highest priority: uncompromising security
  • VARISTAR is designed to be 100% reliable for shock and vibration stability, shielding against high-frequency interference and long-term durability, only total reliability down to the smallest detail makes the fulfillment of complex security tasks possible - and also economically viable

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