Synapse Portal

By Synapse Wireless Inc.

Synapse's Portal is a wireless application development environment for building SNAP mesh networks, and provides complete access to all functions in every node on the SNAP network

Synapse Portal


  • Comprehensive administration tool for SNAP networks
  • Participates as a full-fledged peer on the network
  • Runs on Windows (2000, XP, Vista) or Linux
  • Invoke (RPC) script functions on any device in the network; and Remote nodes can invoke (RPC) user-defined scripts within Portal itself
  • Quick and easy interface for modifying and uploading scripts
  • Syntax-highlighted Python editor for developing SNAPpy scripts
  • Connect to a SNAPconnect over the Internet or TCP/IP LAN
  • SNAPpy application scripts running within Portal have full access to the PC's resources
  • Event Log with timestamps and filtering
  • Automatically scans for Synapse USB and RS-232 devices
  • Intercepts STDOUT of selected remote devices for easy development / debug
  • Runtime error detection highlights the line of script code where the error occurs
  • Graphical firmware upgrade manager
  • Powerful command-line provides full access to local and remote services
  • Node configuration editor
  • Script scheduler allows actions to be triggered from calendar-time events
  • Graphical “Data Logger" view can be configured to display multiple user-defined process values
  • Channel analyzer to find ideal channel for network
  • Channel scanner to detect new or un-configured nodes

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