Orion-V5 VXS

By TEK Microsystems, Inc.

The QuiXilica Orion-V5 VXS - a 6U ANSI/VITA 41 (VXS) high-speed digitizer combining high density FPGA processing with two 12-bit DAC output channels performing at 3.0 Gsps each


  • Sample accurate synchronization across multiple boards
  • Phase-matched DAC outputs
  • Six Digital IO channels running at up to 3.75 Gb/s using one QSFP and two SFP+ front panel connections
  • Dual 4x full duplex VXS links and two full duplex VITA 41.6 Ethernet links
  • Three Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGAs: LXT, SXT or FXT for each location coupled with 3 GB DDR3 SDRAM memory, (one GB per FPGA)
  • Ruggedization designed in for demanding deployed applications

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