EtherStax ES2151

By Acromag, Inc.

Provides a rugged, high-density, and high-speed solution to interface a large quantity of analog input signals


  • 48-channel high-density combination of analog inputs and outputs
  • DB25 port for alternate voltage inputs from 8B signal conditioning backpanels
  • 4-way isolation and surge suppression
  • High-resolution 16-bit A/D and D/A's
  • High-speed scanning for 10 millisecond update of all 48 channels
  • Automatic zero/span calibration
  • Built-in loop-back circuit verifies outputs
  • On-demand self-test verifies calibration
  • Web browser configuration
  • User-configurable sample averaging and integration/totalization function with non-volatile registers
  • Dual-format data registers support 16-bit integers or 32-bit floating point
  • Scaling registers on all channels

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