MicroTCA Systems

By Schroff Pentair

MicroTCA Systems


  • Proven MicroTCA hardware, card guides, EMC gasket, subrack assembly
  • Table-Top and Side-Mount Cube Systems
  • 1U thru 8U rack-mount systems with redundant cooling solutions and EMMC onboard
  • Solutions with fixed AC Power Entry and other power configuration options
  • Backplane design and manufacturing for lower layer count and high performance
  • Customization for point-to-point routing for cost and performance optimization
  • Engineered thermal solutions using FloTherm simulations and empirical testing
  • Proof-of-Concept ruggedized AMC hardware and hardened MicroTCA Enclosures, including conduction-cooled ATR
  • Modular power management schemes for full compliant and options for low-featured, cost-effective power management
  • Units in stock for immediate delivery

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