AdvancedTCA Front Panel with IEA-R Handle

By Schroff Pentair

AdvancedTCA Front Panel with IEA-R Handle


  • Die-cast base assembly for sheet metal panels
  • Integrates the alignment pin and thumbscrew into the die-cast, eliminating the need for secondary operations during the manufacturing process
  • The uniquely designed die-cast base attaches to the end of the front panel providing strength and durability to what is commonly referred to as the weakest part of a sheet metal front panel
  • The new die-cast base not only strengthens the front panel but also provides a dedicated surface area for customized logos
  • Spring-loaded, IEA-R handle is compatible with the die-cast base and features a robust die-cast metal latch to stand up to “ruggedized" applications
  • The IEA-R handle has unique customization features allowing for serial numbers, logos or board identification labels to be placed directly onto the handle
  • The IEA-R handle now ships fully assembled – the bushing block, spring and handle are held in the fixed, final assembled position for quick and easy installation to the PCB
  • Adds strength and durability to the panel
  • Integrates the alignment pin and thumbscrew into die-cast base
  • Reduces hidden assembly costs
  • Simplifies board assembly
  • Compatible with various industry standard AdvancedTCA handles
  • Increased reliability
  • Label area for logo or customization

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