By Altera Corporation


  • 40-nm FPGA
  • Up to 680K logic elements (LEs)
  • 2X bigger than Altera's Stratix III family
  • Altera 40-nm devices meet the diverse high-end application needs in a large number of markets such as wireless and wireline communications, military, broadcast, and ASIC prototyping
  • Manufactured on TSMC's 40-nm process
  • Stratix IV FPGA family is comprised of two variants, an enhanced variant rich with memory and digital signal processing (DSP) resources (Stratix IV E FPGAs) and an enhanced variant with transceivers (Stratix IV GX FPGAs)
  • Stratix IV GX FPGAs offer up to 48 transceivers operating at up to 8.5 Gbps, which provides designers with the industry's highest available bandwidth, more than twice the bandwidth of any other FPGA
  • Stratix IV GX FPGAs also feature hard intellectual property (IP) support for PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 1 and 2 and also support a wide range of protocols including, Serial RapidIO, XAUI (including DDR XAUI), CPRI (including 6G CPRI), CEI 6G, Interlaken,and Ethernet
  • Stratix IV family members feature Altera's patented Programmable Power Technology
  • Power-saving technology optimizes logic, DSP, and memory blocks to maximize performance where needed while delivering the lowest power elsewhere in the design

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