PAS 9818/AO

By Precision Analog Systems (PAS)

The PAS 9818/AO provides eight programmable current output channels with sixteen bit resolution on a 6U VME card

PAS 9818/AO
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  • 8 independent DAC channels with 16 bit programmable current outputs
  • ±40 mA output current range
  • Binary Two's Complement data format
  • DACs reset to zero during power up or software reset
  • Output slew rate of 1 mA per uSec
  • Settling time of 100 uSec to 0.1% FSR
  • Each amplifier provides a flag signal that indicates the amplifier is in a fault condition. These signals can be accessed through software, by reading the flag register
  • Output signals and power supply terminate on P2 backplane connector, or on a DB37 connector at the front panel

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