PAS 9510/MON

By Precision Analog Systems (PAS)

PAS 9510/MON
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  • A remote temperature monitoring module
  • Remotely monitor a system's temperature, fan and power supply status to ensure a safe operating environment in your equipment cabinet
  • Prevent malfunction and overheating in critical systems
  • The module monitors 16 open collector fan status lines and four thermistor temperature sensors
  • Signal status is transmitted to the host computer over an RS-232 serial interface in response to queries from the host
  • All of the circuitry is contained in a small anodized aluminum enclosure that can be mounted close to the points being monitored
  • Designed to operate in harsh environments
  • The onboard processor performs a monitor module health check as a background operation
  • These tests include overdrive of digital inputs, ADC zero, and mid-scale accuracy, power supply voltages and temperature within range
  • If the module returns bad health status, a detailed report helps to identify the malfunctioning section

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