VPX3-534 3U VPX 6GSPS Tranceiver Card

By Curtiss-Wright

The VPX3-534 combines high-speed multi-channel analog IO, user programmable FPGA processing and local processing in a single 3U VPX slot for direct RF wideband processing to 6 Gsps. This card allows for a high performance single slot transceiver with two 6 Gsps 12bit channel, to over 6 GHz instantaneous analog bandwidth, but can also scale to larger system with many channel. The architecture is optimized for RADAR, Electronic Warfare (EW), Signal Intelligence (SIGINT), Radar Warning Receivers (RWR) and Software Defined Radio (SDR) applications.

VPX3-534 3U VPX 6GSPS Tranceiver Card
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  • 3U VPX Analog I/O card with 2x 6Gsps/12b analog inputs (or 4x 3Gsps/12b)
  • Xilinx KU115 UltraScale user programmable FPGA
  • Xilinx ZU4 UltraScale+ Zynq
  • High performance conduction-cooled card
  • VxWorks (contact factory for Linux support)

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