By Schroff Pentair

The MicroTCA cube has four single full-size AdvancedMC modules and an MCH (MicroTCA carrier hub) slot

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  • This product is ideal for small embedded, cost sensitive applications
  • Dimensions are 175.85 mm W x 132.45 mm H x 315.5 mm D
  • Conforms to PICMG MicroTCA.0 R1.0 Specificatio
  • Enclosure for 4x single, full-size AdvancedMCs and 1x MCH module single, full-size
  • Utilizes the aesthetically pleasing Schroff ratiopacPRO housing
  • Backplane contains a star connection for Common Options GbE, Fat-pipe, and direct connections for the storage interface
  • Switch-off power logic device for individual slots on the backplane
  • Open frame power supply, 150 W, mains/line connection on the rear with IEC connector
  • Active cooling via 2x fixed fans
  • Optionally, a subrack system, 156.76 mm W x 150 mm H x 250 mm D is available with the same functionality for embedded enclosure applications

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