HPEC Integrated Development System

By Curtiss-Wright

The Integrated Development System from Curtiss-Wright enables system developers to rapidly implement a High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC) application development hardware and software platform. This OpenHPEC Accelerator Suite toolset is integrated with a powerful 6-slot 6U OpenVPX system configured with Intel Xeon D processors, NVIDIA Maxwell GPGPUs and 40 Gbps Ethernet/InfiniBand switching.

HPEC Integrated Development System
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  • High performance rack mount development chassis, backplane and power supply
  • Two CHAMP-XD2 Dual Xeon D-1559 Intel Processor Cards
  • Two VPX6-4942 NVIDIA Tesla M6 GPGPU Processor Cards
  • VPX6-6802 40 Gbps Ethernet/ InfiniBand switch
  • OpenHPEC Accelerator Suite toolset

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