HSPA Femtocell Software Reference Design

By Radisys Corporation

A miniature cell phone tower/repeater/infrastructure station that drastically improves cell phone reception in spotty areas

HSPA Femtocell Software Reference Design
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  • High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA) femtocell software reference design
  • Works with 3G/4G protocols at HSPA data rates, and the ARM-based PC202 maintains a low-memory footprint while supporting a multicore DSP fabric for running picoChip's PC8208 baseband code
  • Includes Trillium SIP and UMTS Generic Access Network (GAN) core network interface options, and is compliant to 3GPP specifications through Release 7
  • Provides RF interface, data processing, and application processing support and can service voice, video, and high-speed wireless (cell-based) data

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