PAS 9796/DIO

By Precision Analog Systems (PAS)

PAS 9796/DIO


  • A 160-channel digital I/O board
  • I/O lines are divided into four blocks of 40 channels (128 data, 16 flag, and 16 interrupt)
  • Data I/O is arranged as 16-byte-wide bidirectional data ports
  • Output signal lines have 64 mA sink current capability
  • Flag I/O is arranged as two byte-wide bidirectional data ports
  • Flag I/O is configurable as output only, for interrupt handshake
  • Interrupt latch inputs are arranged as two-byte-wide input ports and latch on the rising and falling edges of incoming interrupt signals
  • Interrupt edge detection is jumper selectable per bit
  • Interrupts are maskable on a per-bit basis
  • All interrupt and input lines are pulled up with 10 K? resistors.

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