SystemFlow for Talon Recorders

By Pentek, Inc.

SystemFlow is the software interface that is integrated into every Talon recorder. The software includes the graphical user interface (GUI) that is used to control the recorder with point-and-click configuration management, a client/server communication interface, NTFS file system support and an application programming interface (API) for custom user applications and control. Signal analysis tools include a virtual oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, and spectrogram to monitor signals before, during, and after data collection.

SystemFlow for Talon Recorders
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  • Provides Ease-of-Use Features and Capability Improvements
  • Targets Specialized Recording Modes for Mission-Critical ApplicationsEnhances GPS Functions for Target Triangulation and Time Stamping
  • Offers Additional Data Spectrum Display Modes
  • Enables Data Security Measures
  • Auto File Naming
  • Looped Recording
  • Auto-Initiated Recording
  • Pulsed Radar Recording
  • GPS Position Tracking
  • SystemFlow Signal Viewer
  • AES 256-bit Encryption

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