NTAG Smart Sensor

By NXP Semiconductor

The small-footprint, smartphone-readable, single-chip NTAG Smart Sensor tags enable a wide variety of IoT applications: logistics (cold chain), smart packaging, healthcare monitoring (smart blister), cattle/animal tagging, process control, and others.

NTAG Smart Sensor
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  • User programs, sensing algorithms on open ARM Cortex-M0+
  • Pre-calibrated temperature sensor with 0.3°C accuracy in the 0 to 40°C range and 0.5°C in the range -40 to 0°C and 40 to 85°C
  • Large logging space (> 14000 points)
  • NHS3100 enables a wireless temperature logger on a flexible inlay (smartlabeldemo.com)
  • Multiple packaging options, including support for inlay roll2roll production
  • Easy to apply: just connect battery and antenna
  • Starter Kits available for different applications

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