DO-254 / DO-178C Safety Certifiable Mission Computer

By Curtiss-Wright

Today's challenging airborne missions need powerful systems. While DO-254/DO-178C safety certification of these systems is imperative, development is also complex, time-consuming and costly, which leaves developers frantically trying to decipher the regulating authorities' requirements while maintaining their time to market schedule and budget. Certification also poses certain risks and challenges for end users needing to change their mission profiles during an aircraft's lifecycle. Curtiss-Wright, Hensoldt and CoreAVI have partnered to create a new Safety Certifiable Mission Computer that delivers both safety critical functions and high performance - all in one rugged chassis. Hensoldt can provide system/equipment design and qualification along with platform and application software.

DO-254 / DO-178C Safety Certifiable Mission Computer
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  • Multi-core processing technology
  • DO-254/DO-178C DAL C Safety Certifiable with available artifact kits
  • Multi-channel video capture and HD graphics with analog and digital interfaces
  • FACE-compatible
  • Highly robust, reliable, and SWaP-optimized
  • ITAR-free
  • Building blocks allow system to be available for rapid prototyping as requirements evolve

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