MVME250X Series VME64x SBC with NXP QorIQ P2010/P2020

By Artesyn Embedded Technologies

The Artesyn Embedded Technologies MVME250X series features the NXP® QorIQ single-core P2010 or dual-core P2020 processor. It is a cost-effective migration path for older generation MVME3100, MVME4100, MVME5100 and MVME5110 boards. The MVME2500 series is ideal for automation, medical, and military applications such as railway control, semiconductor processing, test and measurement, image processing, and radar/sonar. Memory includes up to 2GB DDR3 and 512KB non-volatile MRAM. The MVME2502 variant has 8GB soldered eMMC solid state memory for additional rugged, non-volatile storage. Connectivity includes Gigabit Ethernet, USB2, serial, SATA and either one or two PMC/XMC sites. A hard drive mounting kit and conformal coating are available. Leveraging 30 years of development expertise, Artesyn is committed to supporting the MVME2502, and other Power Architecture processor based SBCs in our VME portfolio, until at least 2025.

MVME250X Series VME64x SBC with NXP QorIQ P2010/P2020
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  • 800 MHz, 1.0 GHz or 1.2 GHz NXP QorIQ P2010 or P2020 processor
  • Up to 8GB soldered memory
  • Optional rear transition module
  • Extended temperature and rugged variants
  • Unmatchable longevity of supply enables long lifecycle programs and protects investment

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