VME64x 21 Slot Backplane

By Comtel Electronics GmbH


  • 21-slot backplane per ANSI/VITAV 1.1-1997
  • 6U backplane includes J1, J2, and J0
  • 10-layer stripline controlled impedance construction
  • SMD technology for excellent signal integrity
  • Onboard termination without extra width
  • Active/passive automatic daisy-chain or jumper pin manual daisy-chain
  • Passive 330/470 Ohm termination
  • High current power entry taps positioned near corresponding connector pins for minimum current paths
  • Rear plug-up long-tail connectors and shrouds configurable to customer needs
  • Additional user-defined bus lines per custom requirements
  • Optional decoupling capacitor positions
  • IEC 61076-4-113 160 pin, five-row DIN connector for J1 and J2
  • IEC 61076-4-101 2 mm Hard Metric 133-pin, seven-row connector for J0
  • 35 more ground return pins on J1/J2 for improved signal integrity
  • 38 ground pins on J0
  • 46 additional user-defined I/O pins on J2
  • 12 spare bus lines for user expandability
  • Test and maintenance bus supported
  • Slot geographical addressing
  • Supports Hot-Swap capability, pre-mating pin connector system
  • 80 MBps VME64 MBLT data transfer rate 160 MBps Peak Transfer rate using 2edge VME protocol with ETL
  • +3.3 V, 48 V, and additional +5 V power

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