By CENTRI Technology

CENTRI Internet of Things Advanced Security – IoTAS, is a platform enabling developers to easily implement private data encryption and optimization into their products and services. IoTAS is embedded on endpoints, applications, network servers and the Cloud to secure and compress all data in motion and at rest. IoTAS operates in cache memory resulting in 20% less CPU utilization, less heat and less use of power with IoT devices.

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  • Data Protection - Encrypts all IoT data in transit and at rest
  • Data Optimization - Compresses the IoT data up to 80% to save bandwidth and Cloud storage costs
  • Data & Device Integrity - Ensures authentication of all trusted IoT devices to mitigate impersonation and DDoS attacks
  • IoT Data Visibility - Provides forensics, analytics of data, devices and user management
  • Simplified Key Vault Management - Features patented "vault-less" technology to remove the key management hassle and expense
  • Mission Critical Uptime - Operates in cache memory to optimize battery life and uptime for low power IoT devices
  • Speed & Efficiency - provides faster encryption and optimization than open source – in a single pass of the data.
  • Developer-Centric Experience - Unlike SSL/TLS, IoTAS comes pre-configured for faster integration to your endpoints, applications and Cloud.

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