By Acromag, Inc.

Isolated Ethernet interface for any input/output mix of up to 16 discrete signals


  • Inputs sense status of dry contacts, switches, power supplies, and DC logic
  • Industrial-grade units have eight 32-bit pulse counters with timers, alarms, and non-volatile memory for metering, totalizing, and low-frequency periodic measurement
  • Outputs control solid-state switching of lamps, horns, and other devices
  • 16 solid-state discrete I/O channels (any mix of inputs/outputs)
  • 3-way isolation and surge suppression
  • Web browser configuration
  • Automatic MDI/MDI-X negotiation
  • Inputs accept 2- or 3-wire sensors andactive logic switches (dry contacts, prox, namur, 5-28 VDC logic)
  • Inputs detect level and change of state
  • 8 configurable counter/timers
  • 32-bit up/down pulse/event counters (with non-volatile memory)
  • 16-bit periodic timers for "last pulse"
  • Momentary/latch alarms (each counter)
  • Programmable debounce (0-1 second with 1mS resolution)
  • Programmable power-up conditions
  • Over-temperature, over-current, and over-voltage output protection
  • Ability to “read-back" output states

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