VPX3-719 3U VPX Graphics/Video Processor

By Curtiss-Wright

The VPX3-719 3U VPX graphics and video capture processor card is based on AMD's Radeon E8860 GPU. It features up to six independent and simultaneous graphics outputs, 2 GB of dedicated video memory, and video compression encoder and decoder. This single-slot module is targeted at avionics applications where a cost effective COTS solution for DO-275 and DO-178 safety certified applications.

VPX3-719 3U VPX Graphics/Video Processor
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  • AMD Radeon E8860 GPU with 2GB video memory and H.264 codec for video encode/decode
  • Up to six independent display outputs
  • Customizable video inputs and outputs (HD-SDI or analog)
  • OS support for Linux, Wind River VxWorks, GHS INTEGRITY, LynxOS and Microsoft Windows
  • Hardware and software certifiable with DO-254 and DO-178C certification artifact kits available

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