SmartMesh IA-510

By Dust Networks

Wireless sensor networking system delivers embedded WirelessHART solutions to industrial automation vendors that are easy to integrate and simple to deploy


  • WirelessHART compliance: Interoperability with other WirelessHART field devices and gateways
  • Superior reliability:
  • >99.99 percent reliability, even in the most challenging industrial environments
  • Every DN2510 or M2510 mote can act as both an endpoint and a router, increasing network reliability
  • Leverages S network manager's Intelligent networking platform to ensure optimal mote performance
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Industry-leading radio technology optimized for battery-powered operation
  • Over a decade of network operation on two AA batteries
  • Automatic network-wide coordination for efficient power usage
  • Easy Integration
  • Pre-engineered RF – power amplifier, balun, crystals, and antenna matching circuitry – simply add antenna connector
  • Comprehensive APIs to deliver rich functionality and flexibility without complex coding
  • Small 12 mm x 12 mm size
  • Global market solution
  • IEEE 802.15.4 – certified radio operates on 2.4 GHz global license-free band
  • Configurable radio output power – meets RF emission limits for different regions with a single product
  • Reference design RF certified for FCC, IC, CE, Japan (pending)
  • Bandwidth flexibility
  • Variable bandwidth
  • The network manager can assign different levels of bandwidth to satisfy unique throughput and latency requirements
  • Addresses the range of latency and throughput needs of industrial automation applications, such as request/response, fast file transfer, and alerting

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