SmartMesh XD

By Dust Networks

Provides OEMs with highly reliable, ultra low-power and easy to integrate wireless sensor networking solutions


  • Ultra low-power RF technology
  • Innovative radio design consumes 80 percent less power than comparable radios
  • Delivers additional 5X increase in battery life
  • Fast and low-risk integration
  • Mote-on-Chip™ provides all the functionality of a mote with no external components, embedded programming, or complex configuration
  • Well-defined software APIs for simple integration into field devices and controllers
  • Fully integrated RF path – simply connect an antenna industry-proven wireless networking
  • Uses TSMP for high network reliability (>99.9 percent), frequency hopping and mesh networking capabilities
  • With every mote acting as a battery powered router, mesh-to-the-edge™ enables simplified network installation
  • Scalable network, up to 250 motes per manager, multiple networks can readily coexist
  • 128-bit encryption and dynamic network key exchange for robust security
  • Dramatically lower sensor network installation costs – as much as 97 percent lower than wired solutions
  • Reduces development risk and accelerates time-to-market with field-proven networking technology

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