By Radisys Corporation

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  • AdvancedTCA SBC
  • Two quad-core Xeon processors
  • For deploying a wide range of 10 GbE high-performance, scalable telecom applications
  • Dual Quad-Core Xeon processing power
  • 8-way SMP Processing
  • Single and dual processor configurations of Quad-Core Intel Low Voltage CPU's
  • 8 MB of L2 cache per socket, 1066/1333 MHz FSB processor bus, and Intel San Clemente chipset
  • Supports memory-intensive applications with a potential maximum capacity of 24 GB; using 6 Mini-DIMM sockets and 32 MB Persistent Memory
  • Intel San Clemente chipset provides 2 memory channels (theoretical maximum memory bandwidth of 10.6 GBps)
  • Dual Base interface ports provide a redundant 1 Gbps path for control and management data
  • Ethernet fabric interface
  • One dual redundant 10 GbE
  • One dual redundant 1 GbE
  • One 1 GbE port on front panel and two 1 GbE on the RTM for ingress egress connectivity

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