FlexCore ATCA-FM40 10GbE Base/Fabric Switch

By Radisys Corporation

FlexCore ATCA-FM40 10GbE Base/Fabric Switch


  • Base/Fabric Switch AdvancedTCA blade
  • 10 GbE line-rate switching for 16 slots and 8 external links with 240 Gbps non-blocking fabric switch
  • Dedicated 533 MHz 440EPx PowerPC processor provides embedded switch
  • 16 slot 10 GbE (PICMG3.1 Option 9) Fabric Switch and 16-slot 10/100/1000BT Base Switch
  • 80 Gbps of external connectivityvia SFP/SFP+ optical interfaces
  • Non-blocking Layer 2 switching on all ports
  • Optional Layer 3 routing available
  • Integrated Switch Management Processor: PPC440EPx switch managementprocessor with 512 MB of memory
  • Integral L2 stacks supporting 802.3xx protocols
  • Optional Application Processor Mezzanine based on COM Express
  • Up to 150 GB of SAS or SATA storage option
  • Flash for solid state storage option

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