By Radisys Corporation



  • AdvancedTCA media processing blade
  • Highest density of media processing through the use of latest multicore DSP silicon from Freescale
  • Single-slot PICMG 3.0/3.1 (Option 9) compliant
  • Hosts up to 20 quad-core Freescale MSC8144 DSPs on two mezzanine cards
  • Powerful Local Management Processor - MPC8548 PowerQuiCC III processor supporting
  • Onboard L2 GE switch provides dedicated per DSP connectivity to AdvancedTCA base interface
  • Onboard L2 10 GbE/1 GbE switch provides dedicated per DSP 1 GbE connectivity to 10 G AdvancedTCA Fabric (GbE)
  • Onboard Serial RapidIO switch fabric providing dedicated x1 lanes to each DSP and x4 lanes to the LMP for management and debug of every DSP resource

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