Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Solutions

By Avnet Electronics Marketing

Ken Marlin, Microsoft® MVP and Technical Manager at Avnet will take you through the steps to get your next Windows® 10 IoT project off the ground. He’ll walk you through the steps to get authorized for embedded products, how to get access to the media and keys, touch base on the licensing options and then take you through the steps to start your first Windows 10 IoT image.

Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Solutions
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  • Windows 10 enables the creation of Universal Windows apps and drivers that can target every Windows 10 device including a wide range of intelligent devices from IoT Gateways to POS devices to Industrial automation systems. With a common device management stack, intelligent devices powered by Windows 10 can be managed with the same tools as your PC’s, Phones and Tablets.
  • Windows 10 provides enterprise grade security and reliability to ensure your devices and data are protected against today’s modern security threats. Windows 10 also enables you to provide a dedicated device experience for line of business applications.
  • Windows 10 is designed to work well with other devices, your cloud services and leverage your existing investments. Windows 10 inherent connectivity for device-to-device, sensor-to-device, and device-to-cloud make it an ideal platform for intelligent devices as part of an overall IoT solution.

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