FieldPoP cloud & FieldServer IoT Gateway

By Sierra Monitor

Consider IIoT-enabling your leading products with the FieldPoP™ device cloud and the FieldServer IIoT gateway from Sierra Monitor Corporation.

FieldPoP cloud & FieldServer IoT Gateway
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  • On-ramp to the IIoT: Transform your industrial devices into smart, cloud-connected devices
  • Secure remote access: Securely access and remotely monitor your entire fleet of registered gateways and their local applications with no firewall dependencies
  • Device management: Manage and connect to all of your and your customer's registered devices from one web-based interface
  • User management: Set up your installation and support team, and your customers with the right security permissions and device assignments
  • Third-party cloud platform integration: Plug into and synchronize with popular cloud platforms to provide field product data for business and analytics applications
  • Notifications: Use cloud-based notification services such as texting and email to bring information to people when they need it, how they need it, and when they need it
  • Software upgrades: Remotely download and install software upgrades and minimize unnecessary field visits
  • Application Engine: Add intelligence to your industrial devices with local applications to produce device data for diagnostics, analysis, and graphical trends
  • Protocol translation: Seamlessly complete any building automation project with our library of 140+ open and proprietary protocol drivers

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